4 Free Websites To Learn Astrology

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Here are 4 Free websites to help you learn Astrology for those who always want to play around with all the 12 astrology signs and Vedic Birth charts. These websites will help you to learn astrology, read Kundali, know about different zodiac signs, basically let you become an Astrologer. Lets get into details of each astrology website.

Always Astrology


Always Astrology is one of the most popular websites that helps you learn Astrology free. The very purpose of this Astrology website is to guide and enlighten you with an interest in Astrology Signs in your Birth Chart.

The website firstly tells you about Astrology following with Astrology symbols, thereafter help you with step-by-step Zodiac Signs lessons. Once you are completed with one topic, it will take your exam. Go ahead and become a master astrologer..!

Learn Astrology

learn astrology

Learn Astrology is another popular website that enables you to learn Astrology free. This free Astrology website is a full-fledged astrology learning website that provides Tutorials and lessons in Western & Vedic Astrology.

There is a separate tutorial in Western Astrology that consists of Fundamental concepts of The Planets, The signs, The Houses and more. In addition, this Astrology website also brings you to learn everything about Zodiac signs, methods of prediction and the like.

A separate tutorial for Vedic Astrology is also there under which you will learn general Vedic Astrology, Vedic tools of prediction, and much more. This Astrology website is a must for people keen to learn about astrology..!



Astrojyoti is yet another website to learn astrology online. This free astrology website provides free Astrology lessons, basically it give 10 lessons in astrology that includes the purpose of astrology, learn about zodiac signs, the Nakshatras or Star constellations, birth chart scales and much more.

This website is a complete guide for a future astrologer. Go ahead and start leaning about astrology free..!



YourNetAstrologer is one more website that gives you astrology lessons to help you become an astrologer. There are 4 Astrology Parts, each part consists of approx. 25 lessons. Each lesson has been written in detail that if you regularly visit and understand about astrology, you will definitely become an astrologer.

The website starts from the basics so even a beginner will also be able to understand everything about astrology. Go ahead and become a master astrologer..!!

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