Use Keyboard As Mouse With Shark Mouse

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Update 2022: This software no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Shark Mouse is a free application which helps you to use your keyboard as mouse, which means that you can assign your mouse functionality to your keyboard. You can operate your system without a mouse just by using some keystrokes of your keyboard. This Shark Mouse being a very simple and small application can easily replace your mouse with a keyboard, so that you can work on your computer without using a mouse just by making some keystrokes. The NUMLOCK is used to work with this application. There are a certain pair of keys in the num lock through which you can make your keyboard work like your mouse.

For using this application your num lock should be always ON. The keystrokes you can use to control your mouse are as follows:

  • NumPad5 and NumPad9: Left Click and Right Click
  • NumPad4 and NumPad6: Left and Right
  • NumPad8 and NumPad2: Up and Down
  • NumPad MULTIPLY: Options and Information

Using keyboard instead a mouse will help you in situations where the mouse is not working properly or the mouse is not working at all. Also some people are more used to use keyboards faster than again and again switching to use the mouse, in these scenarios this application will be of great help.

How To Get Started With Shark Mouse To Use Keyboard As Mouse?

Shark Mouse also has a facility to start the application as soon as the system starts i.e. at the start-up. For this you just need to place the SharkMouse.exe file to the auto start folder. Just download the executable file and either start the application manually each time or just make the settings for auto start. This application can be used either with a mouse or even without having a mouse installed in your system.

Final Verdict:

Shark Mouse is a very simple and easy to use application. It is very useful to use keyboard instead of mouse for each and every work. This does not occupy any space in the system also thereby adding a plus point in using this application. Download it absolutely free in order to use keyboard as mouse.

If not this, you may try MouseFIGHTER and KeySurf to control mouse with keyboard.

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Works With: Windows
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