Free Desktop Manager to Organize Files and Folders: BBox

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BBox is a free desktop organization software that works with a virtual environment to group folders and files into groups without having to move the folders from the location that they reside on your hard drive. The program can be utilized with Drag and drop from the Explorer window in Windows as well as having a finder that can be based on part of a file name. It can also declutter the desktop by hiding files automatically. Notes can also be added. The program offers an extra layer of organization with Windows.

We have earlier reviewed many different type of desktop managers, including 3D Desktop managers. However, BBox is quite different.

This program allows for management of URL’s and files. Among some of the things that this program can do is maintain the Explorer right click functions as well as features URL capture. It can also import URLs to a HTML file then reimports using BBox. Drag and Drop features are also featured. You can add notes as well as managing files. These are just some of the features available in this powerful program. Being able to keep a clean desktop while still having your files on the hard drive is great. Some other free desktop managers that you can also try are 360Desktop, and Virtual Desktops.

Installation of BBox is easy. Simply download and install. In moments, you will be able to start using this organizational software. This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This program occupies only 4.9 Megs on your computer. This program helps you to get everything organized on your computer while still keeping the files on their original places on the hard drive. This is a great program for being able to keep everything in one place as well as organized for easy finding of folders and files. This gives another layer of organization to Windows.

Here are some of the features of BBox Desktop Manager:

  • URL Capture
  • Import URLs – exports from HTML file then reimports
  • Finder – Finds files folders based on part of the file name
  • Notes – add notes to your folders
  • Drag and drop potential for ease of use
  • Organizes files and folders
  • Declutter Desktop
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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