Windows 10 Explore the Universe App to Learn About Planets, Stars, Galaxies

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Tour the Universe is a Windows 10 explore the universe app where you get to learn about planets, stars, galaxies, etc. The app contains descriptions as well as beautiful pictures to know more about the universe. Each planet is listed according to distance in light years from our home planet earth. Each planet, star, galaxy can be read about extensively through articles related to them, Wikipedia page, pictures and even videos if available.

The Windows 10 explore the universe app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will see a beautiful interface like the one shown in the screenshot below.

On the homepage you will see the planet earth listed at the far left side which is the starting point. As you move towards the right all the planets are listed according to distance in light years from earth. You can click on each planet and read about it in detail with pictures and videos. As the first planet is earth lets click on it and see how it looks.

Here you can see a 3D view of the earth, see live streaming of earth view from a satellite, read Wikipedia articles on it, etc. You can also see beautiful images of our planet through this page. Moving towards the right side you can see all the planets in our solar system listed with distance from us in light years. You can click on any of them to bring them up on the main screen and read details about it. The below screenshot shows the planet Mars.


Apart from reading details, photos, and videos you can also see a 3D view of the planet. You can see how earth looks from Mars, read about the two moons of Mars, read about the missions on Mars, etc.

You can keep on moving forward and see galaxies, stars which are much further away from us. All you have to do is scroll towards the right and the distance in light years will keep on increasing. But the gap before you see another galaxy or star will also increase.

Like the above screenshot shows a star Canopus which is 310 light years away from us. The details available about this star can be read through articles, Wikipedia, pictures can be seen and few videos can be seen as well.

Features of this Windows 10 explore the universe app:

  • Learn about planets, stars, and galaxies.
  • Explore the universe you are a part of.
  • Read detailed articles about each planet, star, or galaxy.
  • See photos and videos related to the planet, star, or galaxy you are viewing.
  • Beautiful images.
  • Nice interface.


Tour the Universe is a beautiful app to explore the universe you live in and know more about it. If you have ever been curious about the universe, stars, galaxies, then this is a good app to try out. You can learn a great deal about your own planet as well as other planets. You can learn about the missions that have been carried out to various planets and what has been found. You can see beautiful pictures and even see 3D view of planets in our solar system.

Check out Tour the Universe for Windows 10 here.

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