What is Evernote? And why you should use it?

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Evernote as everybody might already know is a free note taking service. It helps you to effectively manage information, that the Internet has to offer. It helps to keep track of what we search for on the Internet, and save it for future reference. Evernote is probably the best note taking and information archival Internet services suite out there!!

Evernote is an incredible service. It allows us to take online notes, and then archive them for future reference. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Evernote can practically archive anything, be it textual content, audio clips, videos, or even entire web pages while keeping the formatting intact. Although the service follows the “Freemium” business model, but the Free account should serve up any casual user’s day to day needs just fine.

Let’s learn more about how it works. Read on to find out folks!!

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Before we go further, here’s a quick low down on the unique features of Evernote:

  • Free account with a monthly usage (size of combined uploaded content) of 60 MB. The 60 MB counter resets every month.
  • Ability to create textual notes, and hand written notes using hand writing recognition capabilities.
  • Audio recording service to create audible notes.
  • TAGS for easier searching of content.
  • Ability to create Category based “Notebooks”, with each notebook having endless notes (as long as the 60MB limit isn’t reached)
  • Capable of virtually archiving any piece of information, even entire web pages.
  • Browser extensions to effortlessly clip information from webpages on the fly, and archive it as notes.
  • Ability to send “notes” as E-mail to unique Evernote user ID.
  • Compatibility with possibly every single platform out there (iOS, WP8, BB, Windows, OSX etc.), through dedicated apps and desktop software.

………. and much more!!

The Power of Evernote: Illustrated by Screenshots!!

A.) Here’s a screenshot of the Web UI of Evernote. The left pane consists of a list of notebooks. The middle pane shows the notes in each book, and finally, the right pane shows the notes themselves. Each of them can consist of notes of a myriad variety.


B1.) Sending a note via an E-mail service (Gmail) to my unique Evernote ID.


B2.) The same note, received in my default notebook, almost instantly. How cool is that?


C1.) Here’s the super cool Evernote Web Clipper Extension in action. It automatically creates a border around the highlighted webpage to be clipped and saved. You have the choice of saving either a single selection (let’s say an article) or the Entire webpage. Let’s select Full page and save it.


C2.) And here’s the full webpage, saved in all its glory, to my Evernote Account.


Why you should use this great Note taking service?

Evernote’s pretty slick. It can help you maximize your Online productivity by coming in handy whenever you find an important piece of information and need to save it for further reference. Here are a few reasons explaining why you should give this wonderful service a try.

  • Clip and save almost everything for further reference.
  • Accessible from almost every device out there.
  • The notes are locally accessible on your device, and Internet connection is just needed to sync them to Evernote’s servers.
  • Ridiculously simple and easy to use, once you get the hang of it.
  • The monthly limit of 60 MB is plenty. Believe me, you won’t be needing any more in a month. But in the event you have to, paid plans are also available.


The Internet is a vast information repository. Practically anything and everything can be found out with a simple search string and a click of a button. But in this endless sea of information, keeping the same organized can be a Herculean task. Fortunately, services like Evernote make it a breeze. They help us become more productive in our online activities, and keep the information that we want handy, at all times, and all places.

What do you guys think about Evernote? Do you use it on a regular basis? If yes, do you access it from multiple devices? How important do you find this great service to your note taking and archival needs? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Access Evernote from here.

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