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Typosaurus is a free online tool to check for spelling errors on a webpage(s). We often commit spelling mistakes of the silliest kind while writing something! While it’s OK, yet wrong, to make spelling errors or typos while making entries to your personal diary, it is quite embarrassing making such errors publicly if you happen to maintain a blog/website. Typosaurus is designed to terminate any typos in a webpage in just a matter of seconds! You can scan up to 100 URLs at a time, thus saving you precious time!

Typosaurus Main

Typosaurus is really useful if you have a self-maintained website. It is even more helpful when you employ writers for your blog(s) or website(s). It gets hard for someone to check for semantic/syntax errors as well as typos. There is a high chance of overlooking one mistake or the other! But with this tool, you can leave the spelling to it while you can focus on other stuff. This will tremendously help you increase your productivity and it will definitely save you from any further humiliation.

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How to Check for Spelling Errors Using Typosaurus

Typosaurus is a really simple and easy-to-use online spell checker. You do not need to sign up for an account or accept any terms of agreement that no one reads! Simply go to the website and paste the desired URL(s) in the search bar! You can feed in as many as 100 URLs at a time! Once you have added all the desired links, click ‘Scan.’

Typosaurus Spell Checker

Here, I will be checking for spelling errors in four of my articles at one time. After a few seconds, you will get the scan results where you will see all the spelling errors.

Typosaurus Scan Result

Now, don’t be alarmed if the result shows as many as 30/40 errors! Many of them would be technical terms or names that are not in the spell checker’s glossary. Other than such, the spell checker will catch any spelling errors. If you scroll down, you will see the numbers of typos occurring in each page!

Typosaurus Error Details

Click on the button that indicates the number of errors to expand the result! As you can see, technical terms or names (including mine) are listed as errors! All you have to do is identify and correct those typos that needs to be corrected. Typosaurus will also give you suggestions of corrected spellings!

Typosaurus Error Details

Typosaurus also offers an extension for your Chrome browser! This allows you to check the spelling of the page you are on thus enabling you to identify typos on the go! Simply click on the extension button and you will be taken to the page with the scan results.

Typosaurus Chrome Extension


So far, it is understood that Typosaurus has a pretty standard glossary and tend to be inaccurate at some point! Since the tool is still in its evolving state, we can only hope that new words are added to it in order to get a more relevant result! Nonetheless, in an era when the quality of a website is determined by the quality of language used, avoiding typos is a top priority! This tool will definitely save considerable amount of time and effort in eliminating spelling errors!

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