Test Your Maths Skills By Solving Simple Maths Questions in 30 Seconds

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SpeedSums is a free website to test your maths skills. It gives you very simple maths questions that you have to solve. You have to solve as many questions as you can in 30 seconds. And number of questions that you solve becomes you score.

The website is quite simple. There is no need for any registration. Just start solving questions, and as much as you can in 30 seconds. The questions that it asks you to solve are very simple addition / subtraction / multiplication / division type questions.


Solve Maths Problems Online To Test Math Skills:

There are many math learning websites we have covered earlier, including math games for kids. However, this website is not a math learning website. It basically helps you in testing your skills to solve basic math skills in as less time as possible. The questions that this website asks are quite simple, like, 10/5, 2*6, 11*10, etc. It is taken for granted that you will be able to solve those; the test is about how many will you be able to solve in 30 seconds.

When you go to homepage of this website, it will show you a question in center of screen, and a textbox below it. You have to just type answer to the question in the textbox. Your time starts once you enter the first answer.

Speedsums questions

Below the textbox, it will show time that is left, as well as number of questions that you have answered. Once you have answered a question, it will immediately show next question and you will need to answer that. While answering questions, it does not moves to next question till you answer the current question correctly.

Finally, when 30 seconds are over, it shows you a summary of how many questions you were able to answer, average time for each question, and also tells you if you answered any question wrongly.

Speedsums result

As per this website, a score of below 30 is embarrassing. I tried many times, but the best score I was able to get was 22; though, I consider myself to be quite good in Maths. When I checked the leaderboard, there were many with scores of 46 as well. Seems like there are some true geniuses out there.

My Opinion:

This website does not teaches you Math; but it definitely helps you in reducing time taken to answer simple Math questions, like the ones we encounter in our day to day life. When I took the test for first time, my score was 18 and after a few tries, I was able to increase it to 22. I am sure if I keep working at it, I might be able to go beyond 30. So, in a way, this website is useful.

Another thing I liked about this website is its design. It is as simple as it can get. No registration required, to complicated menus; just type answers and see results. Definitely worth a try.

Try SpeedSums here.

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