How to Find Biggest Emails in Gmail: FindBigMail

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FindBigMail is a free application to find biggest emails in Gmail account. It allows users of Gmail accounts to increase their email storage by, as the application’s name suggests, find big emails in your existing account. This free application is a must for people who receive a great many emails on a daily basis. FindBigMail is a web-based application, and you do not need to download or install it to find big emails in your Gmail account. It is completely free if you have a Gmail address, but you need to pay if you are using a Google apps email address.

Gmail is by far one of the most popular web email program on the Internet and it is gaining in popularity as the folks in the Google machine; offer all account holders a very large 7.5 GB of space. However that space can be whittled down. If, in the even you find you’re running out of space and there is a few years of mail stored in your mail box, manually sorting through this will take you many hours, if not days. FindBigMail will do all the sorting for you while you continue with your surfing activities. Once it is done with sorting your email, it will email you the results, as well as give links to Top 20 biggest emails.


The following steps are how to find big emails in your Gmail account:

  • Go to Enter your email address, and click on the orange “get started” button.
  • Gmail will then ask for permission to access your account and pass the information to FindBigMail.
  • Click “Grant Access”
  • FindBigMail will then begin sifting through you Gmail inbox gathering all the large emails.
  • The process may take a long time, depending on how full your inbox is.
  • Once the process is complete, you will find FindBigMail has been added to your Gmail options list of the left side of the screen. If you click on this you will find all your Gmail by size is listed.

As mentioned, this free application that sorts Gmail by size is ideal for people who never worry about emptying their inbox. If you have received, image files, video files or large PDF files and these files still remain in your inbox, you can be sure they are taking up a great deal of the free space Google gave you.

Some other interesting Gmail related plugins you might be interested in are: Gmail Conversation View, 0Boxer, and EmailOracle.

With the free application FindBigMail, those large old files can be sorted or discarded should you choose. This program is, not only ideal for the private user, but also on a corporate level. Companies can take advantage of this program and sort through the mammoth amount of email in their Gmail accounts very easily.

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