Free Email Forwarding Service to Forward Incoming Emails to Webhook

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CatchMailNot is a free online email forwarding service to forward all incoming emails to a webhook. Here it is a fully featured email forwarder you can use that has rules and statistics as well. In the free plan, you only get 3 forwarding addresses but they are kind of permanent. It supports wildcards based rules and you can easily opt to forward an incoming email to a webhook. All you have to do is create a free account and then simply configure aliases. You can create multiple rules by specifying different conditions and see the usage statistics on the main dashboard.

CatchMailNot also lets you create forwarding addresses using custom domain, but that is not available in free plan. The aliases that you create in the beginning work in the same was as Gmail works with dot(.) and plus(+) sign. While signing up for a newsletter or some other online service, you can simply give up the forwarding address with whatever initial string. This serves as a security parameter as well because in case you ever receive a spam, then you’ll know what pattern to use to block it.

Free Email Forwarding Service to Forward Incoming Emails to Webhook:

Just go ahead and sign up for a free account on the main homepage of CatchMailNot. After that, you can simply just proceed with the creation of your alias. Remember that you will only get 3 aliases for free and you must verify email your destination email in order to get started.

CatchMailNot Create an Address

Next thing you have to do is just configure the rules. Create a new rule and then specify which incoming emails to be sent to the webhook. Please make sure that you have webhook URL ready. You can filter out the incoming emails by specifying a wildcard entry. Also, you can opt to get an incoming email on a specific pattern on your newly created alias.

CatchMailNot Setup Webhook

Now, it is time to test things. Just send a mail to your CatchMailNot alias and it will send it to the webhook. For my testing I used and it works perfectly. You can see the email content being recived as JSON data and you can do this with every webhook.

CatchMailNot Email to Webhook in action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful email forwarding service for free. You can get to have all the emails recived right on a webhook and then you are free to do whatever you want. For research purposes, you can use this tool to collect email from a specific source for further analysis. However, that kind of task will obviously require good programming knowledge.

Closing thoughts:

There are literally tons of email forwarding servcies and it is kind of hard to choose. But I can confidently say that CatchMailNot is the email forwarder you need as it has almost all the features. You will have full control over incoming emails and you can easily collect them on a webhook too.

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