Free Document, Website Feedback Tool with Video Comments: Punchlist

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Punchlist is a free website feedback tool with video comments. Here this is like another feedback tool but here instead of text comment, you can even attach a video feedback as well. This feedback tool is designed for getting instant feedback on document, webpages, and creatives by your teammates or clients.

It generates a sharable link after taking a document, image or a website link from you. The visual feedback tool that it offers is very intuitive. A client or a teammate can add any number of comments and you can analyze them.

For a PDF, it renders all the pages separately, and then the other person can easily add comments to any page. After you receive comments on the page, you can assign them to any person in your team. In the paid plan, it offers GitHub and Trello integration and you can send comments to GitHub as an issue and create a task on Trello.

The visual feedback tool supports gathering technical details as well. When someone adds a comment, it will capture the browser version, which might be helpful in debugging. But still the best feature is video comments. If you don’t feel like typing a long text, then you can just record your feedback and attach.

Document, Website Feedback Tool with Video Comments: Punchlist

Free Document, Website Feedback Tool with Video Comments: Punchlist

Simply start by creating a free account on the main Punchlist website. After that, you can start using it right away. You can create as many projects as you want in order to get the feedback.

So, from the dashboard, create your first project. Give it a name and if you want to get feedback on some creative or PDF document then you will have to upload that here as well.

Create a Project

After you create a project, it will generate a sharable link that you can share with your teammates or the client. Users with the link will not have to create an account on Punchlist in order to leave feedback.

Now, other users can start adding feedback. They can select a point anywhere on the document and mark it. Next, a popup will appear and in that they can type whatever comment they have. They can leave multiple comments in this way on any part of the document.

Add Feedback

To leave a video feedback, simply select the video option from the feedback popup. After that, you just start recording video and then speak whatever comments you have about the document or the image. This is as simple as that. Just like text comments, you can leave as many video comments as you want.

Punchlist Video Comment

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful visual feedback tool for websites and creatives. If you are in marketing or any other line of work that deals with designing, then you will find it handy. The free version doesn’t support integrations, but if you want them, then you can simply pick a premium plan.


We have covered many website feedback tools as well as feedback tools for creatives. But this one here offers one of the most striking features that no other tool of its kind offers; the video comments. Speaking or communicating an issue can be much more flexible than to describe it by typing it. It will also save time and if you are looking for a feedback tool to use in your team then I will recommend you to try Punchlist.

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