5 Free Alternatives To iGoogle

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Here, is a list of 5 free iGoogle alternatives for you.

iGoogle is a customizable homepage that pops up when you open your browser. It’s a free service initially started by Google to let people have a personalized Google page on their browser. However, due to the gradual decline in usage of the service, Google has decided to disable iGoogle by November 1, 2013.

If you still love the service and are looking for some good replacement for that, here are few alternatives you can try out.

Go ahead, check them out and give them a try.



Netvibes is probably the best iGoogle alternative which offers a bag full of options to spice up your homepage. The service comes with a user friendly interface, customizable themes, and thousands of free online widgets to fit all your needs. Netvibes has a smart API integration and it allows you to create and manage multiple dashboards from a single interface. It seamlessly integrates all your apps, tweets, and pics, and lets you add as many content to the dashboard as you want.

Apart from that, it has the ability to create as many tabbed pages as you want and publish material online. Netvibes is similar to iGoogle in many ways, and a stable replacement for the service to give a try.

Try here: Click here to check out Netvibes.



uStart is another free iGoogle alternative that provides a clean interface and a wide variety of start page customization features. The service offers a plethora of widgets to choose from, multiple RSS feeds to read, and several beautiful themes to apply.

uStart allows you to add multiple widgets to different tabs and organize them according to specific subject or theme. Plus, you don’t even have to sign up with the service to avail its benefits. So go ahead and give it a try.

Try here: Click here to check out uStart.

My Yahoo!:

my yahoo

Next is My Yahoo!, another iGoogle-like service that allow users to combine multiple Yahoo widgets, feeds, and information in a single browser page. My Yahoo! allows full customization of the start page and lets you personalize it the way you want. You can add widgets of your choice and spice up your page with news, stock, weather information and lot more interesting stuff!

My Yahoo! is one of the oldest homepage customization service, and offers many features similar to iGoogle. Though the service is not capable of showing your Google Mail, Calander, or other Google quick links, it’s highly integrated with Yahoo! services and lets you completely customize your home page with Yahoo! stuff.

Apart from that, the service also allows you to add multiple RSS feeds to your page so that you can read latest posts from your favorite sites without having to open a separate RSS Reader. With so many cool features, My Yahoo! is a worthy iGoogle alternative to give a try.

Try here: Click here to check out My Yahoo!



Another slightly different app, Protopage is also a worthy iGoogle alternative to try. It comes with a nicely designed interface which can be personalized by adding widgets, applying themes, and background colors of your choice.

Protopage offers a wide variety of widgets like clock, stock prices, and sticky notes to add to your page, however, it lacks the dedicated RSS Reader. And though the service is not as powerful as its competitor services, its still a nice one to give a try.

Try here: Click here to check out Protopage.

Google Chrome’s Incredible StartPage:

Incredible StartPage

Last in the list is Google Chrome’s Incredible StartPage, a Chrome plugin that lets you customize Google’s very own Chrome browser’s homepage with lot of exiting themes and colors and apps that you like. Chrome has an online Web Store where it offers lot of plugin extensions and apps that you can add to your browser. These plugins appears as widgets on your homepage screen and gives you a a feel of fully customized homepage.

Apart from that, it shows the recently visited webpages, lets you add sticky notes or notepad, like apps to the homepage, and also allows adding bookmarks and shortcuts to blogs, social media sites, and Google mail. Google Chrome’s Incredible StartPage is highly flexible in terms of customization and hence stands no less than a potential iGoogle alternative.

Try here: Click here to check out Google Chrome’s Incredible StartPage.

These were some of the best free iGoogle alternatives you can try. Hope you like the suggestions. If you have something better in mind, do let us know in comments.

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