How to Convert Math Equations from Plain Text to Algebraic Expressions

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Paperspade is a free website for students to create math documents by writing them in plain English and the website will render the math equation automatically. For example, if you write something like [[3x  plus a plus b equals c]] in plain text. You can convert math equations written in plain text to algebraic expressions easily. Then this website will automatically render the equation for it as 3x + a + b = c. This can prove to be of great help for students writing their math paper or doing math homework. You can just write the equation you need in plain English and the website will turn it into proper math equation which can easily be printed out. You can also add graphs to your document.

The website interface will look like the screenshot below when you open it for the first time. Pretty neat interface describing what the website does.

Now you need to sign up with the website to start working or creating math documents. Click the sign up button and enter you name, email address, and a password. You will be taken to your dashboard where you can see a tile which says create new to make a new document. While creating a new document you will asked to name it first.

After naming it, look toward the right side of the screen, click the button right next to menu which says add new section. When you do that a section is added below as can be seen in the screenshot above. You have to give a title to this section and then write your text in the next box. The text you write will be converted to proper equation as shown above.

At the bottom you will see two more button which are to add a blank 2D graph to your document and the second one is to add a blank work space. At the top right side also you can see a couple of buttons. One is to save the document and what all you have worked out so far. Second is to see a preview of how your document looks like. It will also be printed in this preview format. Third is to create a shareable link, which can be shared with friends. Fourth is to print the document that you have created.

At the top of the page on the right corner you see two options which are calibrate and Guide. The guide option which can be seen in the screenshot above, is more like frequently asked questions, you can see how you can write complex equations in simple text for this website. The guide will help you out with making equations, and you can also search for any tips, or questions you have on the website.

The calibrate option as can be seen in the screenshot above is to check which format of equation looks best on your computer. Just select the ones which look like the perfect ones in your computer and the app will take a note of that.

Features of this website to convert math equations from plain text to algebraic expressions:

  • Create math documents in plain English.
  • Write equations in plain text and Paperspade will convert them into proper format.
  • Add 2D graphs to your documents.
  • Create a shareable link to share with friends.
  • Print the math document you created easily.
  • Save multiple documents on your dashboard.
  • Guide to help you out.
  • Calibrate equations to look the best on your computer screen.


Paperspade is a useful website for students who are working on their math documents or homework. You can easily type in what you are looking for and the website will automatically convert what you wrote in to a proper format equation. All you have to do is describe your math equation and the website will render it.

Check out Paperspade here.

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