5 Free Online BMI Calculators

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Here is a list of 5 free online BMI Calculators. These free and easy calculators allow you to calculate your BMI ( Body Mass Index) quickly. As we all know, calculating BMI helps us in knowing where do we stand in our health levels as it tells you whether you are underweight, overweight or normal. BMI calculation is a very normal practice and it is also used in some companies while recruiting employees. Some of the below mentioned BMI calculators also give you tips on how to reduce your weight, if required, and some of them even calculate your heart rate etc.

The free online BMI calculators that I have mentioned in this article are Calculate Your Body Mass Index, Body Mass Index, BMI Calculator, BMI Plus Calculator, and Your BMI.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index:

Calculate Your Body Mass Index-BMI calculators-home page

Calculate Your Body Mass Index is the first, in this list of BMI Calculators. It is a very simple to use BMI calculator where you just have to enter your height, weight, and hit the calculate button. There are two different BMI calculators available: Standard and Metric. The difference between both of them is only of measuring units. Along with these two calculators, there is also one BMI chart available for you to see. This chart shows what should be your ideal BMI value, according to your weight and height. There is also one BMI Calculator app for iPhone that you can download for free.

Try this BMI Calculator here.

Body Mass Index:

Body Mass Index

Second in the list of BMI calculators is Body Mass Index. This, again, is a very simple to use calculator where you simply have to type your height and weight.. There are two separate calculators for adults as teenagers. The calculator for teenager is a bit more illustrative and requires information like birth date, date of calculation, sex. All this information is required because BMI is measured differently for kids and adults. The BMI values are also different in case of adults and children.

Try Body Mass Index here.

BMI Calculator:

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator is the third one in this list. What I really liked about it is its interface. It comes with a very beautiful looking interface and a slider. The calculator slides away and makes way for your BMI Results, after you put in all the details. The calculator requires you to mention details like birthday date and sex, apart from weight and height. Along with your BMI result, the calculator also provides you healthy tips, in case you are overweight or obese. The calculator also comes with a metric version in which the measuring units are different.

Try BMI Calculator here.

BMI Plus Calculator:

BMI Plus Calculator

BMI Plus Calculator is penultimate in this list of online BMI calculators. The calculator requires you to add information like age, gender, activity level, weight, and height. This additional information is required because the calculator counts your exact heart rate etc. as well, apart from BMI. It calculates your heart rate, calorie intake, Body shape etc. All this is done on the basis of the information you provide in the beginning. In the end, you are also provided with a diet plan that you can follow to stay fit and in normal BMI category.

Try BMI Plus Calculator here.

Your BMI:

Your BMI

Your BMI is the fifth and final BMI Calculator. This is also a very simple and straightforward BMI calculator to use. There are two different calculators for males and females. You can also switch from a metric calculator to an Imperial calculator. The key feature of this calculator is its interface. The calculator comes with a very beautiful interface with a 3D human figure alongside it. This figure keeps changing as you enter different values in the calculator.  This looks very pretty.

Try Your BMI here.

Try out these different BMI calculators and check your BMI. Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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