How to Add Video Effects to YouTube Videos?

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In this article, I’ll explain how to add video effects to YouTube videos. To make your YouTube experience interesting, you can use a Chrome extension, named YouTube Video Effect And Audio Enhancer which is a free extension that works with Firefox and Opera as well. The extension is open source and the code can be found on GitHub.

In this tutorial, I’ll use it for Chrome. After installing the Chrome extension, you can access its features by clicking on its icon. It supports more than 50 color filters. It includes pixels, sepia, smooth, bright, etc. There are other video effects like a crystal ball, broken mirror, water drops, rainbow, etc. You can change the filters in between the video and watch in real time.

Apart from this, you can access other advanced features like watch video in a loop, adjust video content according to your browser’s size, remove black bars around the video, etc. The extension lets you adjust the audio and video quality as well. Also, rotate YouTube videos and change the view of YouTube videos.

Add color filters and video effects

Add Video Effects to YouTube Videos

To add video effects in your YouTube videos, you need to install a chrome extension. YouTube Video Effect And Audio Enhancer is a free extension which you can use in Firefox and Opera as well.

As its name says, you can apply effects in YouTube videos. The extension can be used as a YouTube audio enhancer. Once you add this extension, an icon appears next to the address bar. From there, you can access this extension to use video effects and audio enhancer.

Let me show how it works. Since this extension is to apply filters in YouTube video so you have to open YouTube first. Whatever video you play, you can put the video effects and color filters on that video.

While the YouTube video plays, you can click on the extension icon. Then, a layout shows the color filters and effects. There are more than fifty video filters with effects such as brighter, grayscale, sunrise, moonlight, hue, smooth autumn, blur, darker, focus, sepia, etc. It includes interesting video effects like a broken mirror, light effect, crystal ball, chaotic, rainbow, mixed filters, behind the fog, neon light, water drops, and others.

click icon to get filters

You can switch from one filter to other while the video goes on playing. This way you can make your YouTube experience better.

Besides that, you can access other features such as audio enhance, HD video quality, and dark/light mode. You can adjust the video quality in 2K, 8K, full HD 1080P, etc.

In addition, you can use the advanced options available in the setting section. The options are as follow:

  • watch the current playing video in a loop
  • automatically play and pause the video when you switch tabs
  • play video in a new mode
  • remove black spaces around the video

To get these advanced options, you can click on the extension icon. On the top right, you will see three vertical dots, click on them. Then, you may take advantage of its features and adjust the video quality.

In brief

YouTube Video Effects and Audio enhancer is a great Chrome extension. You can change the view and make your YouTube experience amazing. It supports 50+ colors filters with video effects. On top of that, you can access other features like audio enhancement, light/dark mode, a new mode, video in loop and more. Try this extension and add filters to YouTube videos.

Get this extension.

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