How to Add Bold, Italic, Underline, etc. to Facebook Posts

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This tutorial is all about how to add Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and more to Facebook posts. You might have noticed that Facebook doesn’t have any native option to make your text bold, italic, etc. But in this post, I am going to explain some of the best online services which can help you do so with ease.

You can use these services to create amazing Unicode text in no time. Some of these services support more than 20 Unicode formats, pseudo alphabets, etc., which you can add to your Facebook posts.

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YayText is probably one of the best online service to add bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and more to your Facebook posts. It offers more than 20 Unicode formats including short slash, parenthesis, long/short strikethrough, bold, italic, bold/italic, and so on. Now, let me explain how you can use this service to add bold, italic, etc. to Facebook posts.

Step 1: Simply visit the homepage of YayText and you’ll be able to see an input field named, “Your Text”. Simply type or paste the post or text which you want to make as bold, italic, etc.

Step 2: Below the input field, all the Unicode formats will be visible. When you paste or type anything, it will be converted automatically into all the available formats in real-time.

Step 3: Each format is associated with a Copy and Tweet button. If you want to add the Unicode text to Facebook, then use the “Copy” button to copy the text and paste it in the Facebook status box. In addition to that, you can also directly publish the text as tweets using the “Tweet” button.



Fontulator is another simple and free online service that supports 15+ Unicode formats which you can add to Facebook posts. You can generate text with formats like the script, bold, italic, struck, fullwidth, parentheses, fraktur, and more.

Step 1: Go to the main page of this website, and start creating Unicode text to add them into Facebook posts. At the bottom of the page, there will be a “Fontulate” button along with a blank bar. You can type anything in the bar or paste it.

Step 2: When you’re done pasting or typing, simply hit the “Fontulate” button. Your text will be processed into all the formats it support. Choose any of the formats by clicking it and the result will be shown at the top with red color. Copy the text from the top and paste it in the Facebook post.

Unicode Text Converter:

unicode text converter

Unicode Text Converter is quite similar to the other services and lets you use 35 Unicode formats such as bold, italic, etc. But one thing that makes this service unique is that it supports some pseudo alphabets such as curvy, Faux Ethiopia, Faux Cyrillic, subscript, superscript, etc. Simply follow the steps below and add bold, italic, etc. to your Facebook posts.

Step 1: Visit the homepage of Unicode Text Converter. At the top, you will see a blank input bar with an associated “Show” button.

Step 2: You can type or paste the text which you want to show as bold, italic, etc. in your Facebook post in the blank bar. Once you’re done, click the “Show” button to proceed.

Step 3: The result will consist the format name along with the generated Unicode text. To use it in any of the posts, simply copy and paste it into the posts, that’s all.

Unicode Mapper:

unicode mapper

Unicode Mapper comes with a beautiful looking interface and offers a simple way to add bold, italic, monospace, etc. to Facebook posts. It offers 18 different Unicode text formats including sans-serif-italic, fraktur, fullwidth, monospace, double-struck, and so on.

Let us see the procedure of generating and adding Unicode text.

Step 1: At first, browse the homepage of Unicode Mapper from the link here. At the top of the main page, there will be an input field named, “Input your text here”.

Step 2: That means you can paste or type any text in the input field to generate Unicode text. Whatever you type gets automatically converted into the Unicode formats in real-time. No need to click any button.

Step 3: The result is shown below each of the Unicode text formats on the main page. You can copy the result and directly paste it into your post.



Unitools comes with various mapping tools Unicode text converter, fun/whimsical mapping, ASCII to upside-down mapping, ASCII to strikethrough mapping, etc. If you wish to add bold, italic, full width, and more to your posts, then simply use the Unicode text converter from the list of tools.

Let me explain how you can create Unicode text for your post in few simple steps.

Step 1: You can visit the homepage of Unitools from here. Scroll down to the “Mapping Tools”, and you will see the first tool with the title “Fullwidth/Math Fonts/Script Fonts”.

Step 2: Click the drop-down menu to select the font in which you want your text to be converted. It supports 14 different fonts, so select any one from the list.

Step 3: Below the drop-down menu, there will be an option “Input ASCII Here”. Simply enter your text in the bar and the result will be generated instantly which you can copy for your text.

Fancy Text Converter:

fancy text converter

Fancy Text Converter is another free online service to add different Unicode text to your Facebook posts. It is a simple tool and supports only 6 Unicode formats such as bold fraktur, sans-serif, bold, italic, monospace, and bold/italic combination.

Step 1: Type or paste your text in the “Enter your text here” field and the result will be generated below simultaneously.

Step 2: Copy the required Unicode text and paste it into your Facebook post, as simple as that.

My Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for ways to add bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, etc. to your Facebook posts, then your search ends here. This tutorial explains some of the best and free online services to generate Unicode text, which you can simply copy and paste within your posts. Personally, I like “YayText” as it offers 20+ Unicode text formats including bold, strikethrough, italic, slash, full width, and more.

Use any of the above services that fit perfectly for your posts, as each of them, supports different formats. But I have found that formats like bold and italic are supported by every service mentioned above.

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