How to create custom audience using any Twitter list for Twitter ads

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This tutorial explains how to create custom audience using any Twitter list for Twitter ads. Here I will talk about a simple tool that lets you download list of users from Twitter lists. You can find those lists using a specific keyword and then use the downloaded data for your ads. TwtList is the name of the tool and it has a built in Twitter search as well as Twitter list scraper to download all members in a CSV file. This tool is completely free and can help you gather usernames of a lot of Twitter users that you can target.

If you use Twitter ads a lot with custom audience, then you know it’s kind of hard to gather list of usernames that might be good for your ad targeting. To target custom audience, you need to find people with the target interests. What can be more useful than existing Twitter lists? And that is where this tool, TwtList comes in handy. It atomically finds you perfect Twitter lists based on the keywords you specify and then download the members of those list for free.

How to create custom audience using any Twitter list for Twitter ads?

For now, there is no sign in or user account required to download members from lists. You can start using it right away anonymously. It is hosted on Retool and use this URL to reach its homepage which looks like this.

TwtList Home

Enter a search term at the top and hit enter. It will find the best matching lists for you that you can use. All the returned lists data is shown in tabular format. There is a full link to the list as well and you can further inspect it on Twitter itself if you want to.

TwtList Search Twitter Lists

Next, you can just download any list. Select one in the table and then click on Export Members button. It will process the list for you and show you all the members.

Twitter Lists Members

Now, finally export the list as a CSV file. Just click on the download icon at the bottom of the sheet and a CSV file will begin to download. You can save it and then use it to create custom audience or Twitter ads.

Twitter List Memebers Downloaded

On Twitter campaigns page, just select a list option and then you have the custom user target list. But before doing this, you have to create list first using the Tools section. And the Tools section on Twitter Business will only appear after you add your credit card.

Import Twitter List

In this way, you can easily create custom audience using any Twitter list for ad targeting. This app, TwtList is very useful in doing that and if you often run Twitter campaigns then you will surely find it very useful.

Final thoughts:

If you use Twitter for Business then you know it can be hard to find Twitter lists for a specific interest. But TwtList here makes it very easy. Now, you don’t have to hunt for lists in order to find list of people to target. I liked the fact that this tool can show you the relevant Twitter lists based on different categories or keywords. Just give this a try and let me know what you think about it.

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