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ADManager plus is a freeware active directory management tool that enables the user to use the active directory more efficiently and easily. The system administrator has to  take care of Windows Active Directory  management and report generation. This is actually performed routinely which is a cumbersome task to do in the absence of an integrated toolkit. ADManager Plus just does solves that.

AD manager Plus is a comprehensive set of tools that helps the Windows administrator, handle Windows Active Directory Data. AD manager plus, in fact, is a  set of tools combined into a single framework so that the user can download them all at once and use them simultaneously. AD manager plus makes the work of Windows administrator extremely simple, all because of its simple design, interface and integrated set of essential tools.

AdManager Plus

Some of the free tools included for Active Directory Management include:

Active Directory Query tool:

It is an independent tool designed by It has bee derived from the AD Managerplus. The important use of this tool is to Query the active Directory and return the results to the administrator. Using this tool is extremely simple and the result is displayed as an object.

Empty password Users report tool:

This tolls helps in detecting the users who access the Active Directory, but have a null or an empty password. The users with null or empty passwords can be identified by specifying the domain names and the container names.

Active Directory CSV Generator:

An active Directory CSV Generator tool helps the administrator to generate a customized array of user specific attributes and the corresponding values in the Active Directory. A full CSV file with the attribute list is generated as the output..

Active directory DC monitoring tool:

The Active Directory DC monitoring tool is a very effective utility in monitoring the domain controllers within the specified domains. CPU usage, Disk space and memory utilization are the three parameters considered while monitoring the domain controllers.

Windows Power Shell Manager Tool:

The Windows Power Shell Utility lists out all the local users of the computer and it also allows the password of the local user accounts to be reset. Thus the Windows Administrators can control the system access by the local users within their domain.

AdManager Plus comes from the makers of Windows Exchange Server Monitor, and Free SQL Server Monitor.

All these useful tools integrated into a single framework make  AD manager Plus, an effective tool to monitor the Windows Active Directory and generate reports.

Download AdManager Plus free.

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