How To Create Alerts for Reddit on iPhone?

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In this article, you will read about how to create alert for Reddit on iPhone. By creating alerts, you can stay up to date with important updates, viral news or web content.

Reddit is a great platform to discuss social media news and other web content. The large community allows you to be aware of the latest news hopping on the internet. But not every time, you find the news related to your interest so here you can customize notifications and get the news that is totally based on your interest.

By using the Pager app, you can create alerts for the topics you care about. The app lets you create monitors to match post titles, usernames, post flairs, submitted domains, query the number of upvotes or comments, and the position on the subreddit. Let’s know about it in more detail.

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create custom alert for Reddit

Create Alert for Reddit using Pager App for iPhone

To create custom alerts for Reddit, you can use the third-party app on your iPhone. Pager is a free app that you can use to set Reddit alerts based on your topics.

When the app is installed, you can launch it. The very first thing you need to do is sign in with your Reddit account. The app requires your Reddit username and password.

Once you’re logged in, the app needs your permission to access Reddit username, signup date, posts, and comments. After allowing them, you can set the Reddit Client (Set where to open your notifications). You can set it to Safari.

create a monitor with custom alert

Now, you can create a monitor to set custom alerts. For that, you can tap on Create a Monitor or Plus sign on the top right either. You can now add Monitor Title and Select Subreddit using the search bar. Also, select the color for monitor.

Below that, you will see a New Filter Group. Once you tap on it, you can match post position, post comments, post URL, score, post user, search post title, and post flair.

Whichever the option you select, add the required details. For example, if you choose ‘search post title’ then you need to add a Title search and match type (Equals, Excludes, and Contains).

Besides that, you can use settings where you can set the minimum time between alerts, limit the qualifying postage, enable sharing, etc. Then, you can save the monitor after saving the new filter group.

Now, you have set the alert on the topic you care about most. Whenever the news or any match arrives, you will be notified instantly in the app’s notification area.

In brief

Pager is a perfect app to create alerts for Reddit based on your preferences. The app lets you create custom alerts on your favorite topics. By creating a monitor with your preference, you can set alerts. And then, you will be up to date with the local news, social media news, new tools, and more.

Try the Pager app here.

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