4 Free iPhone Lyrics Finding Apps

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Here is a list of 4 free iPhone lyrics finding apps which lets you find the lyrics of any song within a matter of few seconds. All these apps are free to use and search the lyrics.

These apps let you find the lyrics of the songs by manually entering the song’s name, placing your iPhone near to the source of the song or even while you are listening to the song on your iPhone. You can also get details about any song, album, or artist with the help of these apps. Many times, it happens that you love a song or an artist too much but you can’t sing the songs because you don’t know the lyrics. At that time, just launch any of these apps, search for the song, learn the lyrics and become the person who knows the lyrics to all the songs amongst your friends circle.

1. SoundHound:


The first iPhone lyrics finder app is SoundHound. This is one of my favorite apps for finding lyrics of any song on the go. The app lets you find the lyrics for any song either by manually entering its name or simply placing the iPhone near the song’s source. The app has an unique feature called LiveLyrics which makes the lyrics move on the screen in real-time with the song. This feature helps you in reading the lyrics along with listening to the song at the same time. It also recognizes the song being played on your iPhone. The best thing of the app is that if it doesn’t find the lyrics for any song then it lets you find them via Google Search from within the app.

The app keeps a record of all songs searched by you with option of marking them as Favorites. You can also browse the Charts section to find out Hottest songs, SoundHound Discoveries, Most Tweeted, and Found By Fans.

You can also check review of SoundHound for Android here.

Get SoundHound for iPhone here.

2. MetroLyrics:


The next lyrics finder app for iPhone is MetroLyrics. It is the official app of one of the most visited lyrics finding website MetroLyrics.com. The app has three modes for finding the lyrics: Search, Playlist, and Song ID. The app was brilliant in finding the lyrics except for the Song ID mode. While using this mode, the app was not able to recognize most of the songs. Apart from this, the app worked great for the manual search and Playlist mode. The app has a Trending section where you can check the Top Tracks, Hyped Tracks, and Tracks Around You. You can also add songs to Favorite and track songs searched by you in History.

Get MetroLyrics here.

3. LyricFind:


LyricFind is an easy to use lyrics finder app for iPhone which lets you find the lyrics by entering the song details or by playing it on your iPhone. While searching for the songs manually, you can search for them by either entering lyrics, artist or album name. The app lets you edit the lyrics if you find any lyrics to be wrong. You can even share the lyrics via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also browse the list of most searched lyrics and most searched artists.

Get LyricFind here.

4. TuneWiki Lyrics:

TuneWiki Lyrics

TuneWiki Lyrics is like a social networking app for all lyrics lovers out there. Apart from finding the lyrics using manual search or song recognition, this app also lets you share the pictures on the app. You can make friends on the app and like/comment/share the photos shared by others just like you do on Facebook. The app also lets you mark the photos that you like as Favorite. One more interesting thing about this app is that it also lets you read the lyrics in real time just like SoundHound.

Get TuneWiki Lyrics here.

These were the 4 free iPhone lyrics finding apps using which you will never forget any part of your favorite songs. You can try all these apps to check which one suits your music taste the most and don’t forget to share the name of the app which you liked the most.

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