5 Free Duplicate Files Deleter Software for Windows

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Here are 5 free duplicate files deleter software for Windows. These software help you select the file type (images, documents, audio video files, applications, etc.) and begin the process to find and then delete duplicate files. You can set the custom search criteria that makes search more specific and finding and removing the duplicate files become easier using the custom search.

Apart from deleting duplicate files, these software provide unique features also. You can match duplicate files by hash, see duplicate and original files in different groups with different color codes, include exclude file extensions or types from search process, set minimum and maximum file size for search, etc.

Let’s start with the first duplicate files deleter software available in this list.



SearchMyFiles is one of the best free duplicate files deleter software here. The best part is that it provides a lot of search options, based on which finding the duplicate files become really easy. Another fantastic feature is that it shows duplicate and original files in different groups with a separate color code for each group. So it becomes easy to check which two duplicate and original files are different than other groups. Before deleting a file, you can also open a file or access its saved location using the right-click context menu. So you will be sure before taking the delete action for the selected files.

This software is actually used to search for files and folders, but it also comes with feature to find and delete duplicate files. Using this duplicate files deleter software is also easy. You can use its interface to set Search mode toDuplicate Search“. After that, you can set the search options. You can:

  • Include and exclude folders for search.
  • Exclude files from search that have a specific extension.
  • Set at least and at most file size for search process.
  • Select created, modified, and accessed dates.
  • Select number of files after which search will stop immediately.

So these are some search options that you can configure and then begin the search process to find duplicate files. The search results are provided in a separate window. Using that window, you can see duplicate and original files with different color codes, see file size of each file, folder path, file name, modified, created date of files, etc. All these options will help you decide which files are duplicate. Finally, you can select those files and then use File menu or right-click menu to delete files. You have the option to delete duplicate files permanently or send them to recycle bin.


WeeDuplicateDetective- interface

WeeDuplicateDetective is another useful and powerful duplicate file remover software. Its advantage over other duplicate files deleter software is that you don’t have to manually select duplicate files after search. When duplicate files are found, you select “All but each original” option and then select items. Doing this will automatically select all the duplicate files visible on the search result. This way, removing duplicate files using this software becomes easier.

This software lets you find duplicate files based on same size, same name, same content, and hash value (MD5, SHA256, or SHA1). You can add multiple folders, set search criteria and type of files (pictures, archives, music files, video, files, or all type of files) to find the duplicate items. When you have done that, you can begin the search to find duplicate items.

After finding the duplicate files, you can select all duplicate files in two mouse clicks and then delete them. Before deleting a file, you can also access the original location of file using right-click context menu of software. Finally, you can remove the duplicate files using the available button. You have the choice to move files to recycle bin or delete them permanently, but I guess option to move recycle bin doesn’t work or it needs to be fixed. It is so because even after selecting recycle bin option, it deleted the files permanently during my testing. So it will be better that you check this option first, before you delete any file.

You may read its full review here.

Soft4Boost Dup File Finder

Soft4Boost Dup File Finder- interface

Soft4Boost Dup File Finder is another free duplicate files deleter software. It comes with its MD5 search engine which checks file integrity to find the duplicate files. MD5 search is actually better than normal search because the software matches the content of two files to check if a file is duplicate. Thus, even if a file is renamed, it will recognize if a file is a duplicate version of original file.

The software provides a wizard to set the search criteria. You can include/exclude file names and file types (archives, images, applications, audio video files, and documents) for search. After that, you can select the folders or drives where the software should search for duplicate files. When search criteria is set, you can begin the search. Before that, you can also set if software should permanently delete files or send them to recycle bin.

When search is completed, duplicate and original files are visible on its interface. Here, the software doesn’t provide any color code to identify which file is original and which one is duplicate. Also, you can’t open file location or preview files using its interface. So you have to manually select files and delete them. Although these are a few restrictions in this software, but overall software is quite useful to delete duplicate files because of its MD5 search engine feature.

You can read its full review also.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder- interface

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder comes with a wizard like interface. So it becomes easy to set the search criteria, find duplicate files, and then delete them. Its search algorithms compare file names as well as content to check if a file is duplicate. The software also provides preview feature for files, which is a unique feature. But, this file preview feature works only for image files.

You can select the file types or start search for all file types, ignore files smaller or larger than specified size, ignore or include file names, dates, hidden files, and select whether duplicate files should be moved to recycle bin or delete permanently. After that, you can begin the search to find duplicate files.

When the search is completed, you can see original and duplicate files in groups on its interface. You can select all duplicate files in one click, which is a very good feature. When duplicate files are selected, you can delete them permanently or send them to recycle bin (based on the deletion option set by you).

Full review is here.


DupKiller- find and delete duplicate files

DupKiller also provides multiple options based on which duplicate files can be found on your PC and then you can delete those files. You can select requirements that should be matched to find duplicate files. For example, you can select duplicate files should have same name, same date and time, same size, same content, maximum and minimum size for files, etc. When duplicate files are found, you can delete them permanently or send to recycle bin.

Two unique features are also provided by this duplicate files deleter software. First is that you can save settings and then load all those settings anytime you want. This way you don’t have to adjust settings again and again for deleting the files. Second feature is that it generates log file to check time when scanning starts, how many duplicate files were found, time when scanning finished, etc. So if you are looking for all such features, then DupKiller is a handy software for you.

To delete duplicate files using this software, you can first select file types and folders, set search criteria, and then begin the search. When the search is completed, you can see original and duplicate files, their size, name, modified date, etc. Finally, you can manually select duplicate files, and delete them.

You may also check its detailed review.

The Verdict:

All these duplicate files deleter software are fantastic in their work. Still, the one that deserves #1 position as per my opinion is SearchMyFiles software. It shows different groups of duplicate and original files with different color codes and gives so many search options to make duplicate file search more accurate. It is perfect for me.

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