Add Effects to GIF Online with These Free Websites

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In this article, you will read about how to add effects to GIF with free websites. There are GIF editors available online which you can use in order to edit GIFs and add effects and filters. By adding amazing effects, you can make an impactful GIF to share on your social media profiles.

The online GIF editors help you to edit the GIF in your own way. All you will have to do is to choose the GIF from your computer. Then, you can choose some effects and filters to create an amazing GIF. You can make your GIF shake, rotate, flip, etc., also change the background color, pause timing, and the size. By adding filters you can fix the brightness and contrast. The websites also lets you download the output on your computer.

So without wasting time, let’s use these websites and add effects to GIF online.

1. Bloggif

add effects to GIF online

Bloggif is an online GIF editor. The free website offers you services like photo collage, animated text, GIF slideshow, resize pictures, and more.

On this website, you can easily add effects to GIF. To do so, you can open the website link mentioned above. There you will see different effects that are animated.

Here, you just need to follow two steps. Firstly, you need to choose the effects. The website shows you examples of how the effects work on your GIF. There are around 30 fun effects including shaking, rotation, wave, swirl, etc . Once you select a GIF effect, the next step is to add your GIF file.

You can upload a GIF file from your computer or enter the GIF URL. Also, you can enable the option if you want to publish the GIF on the website. Once done, you can click the Create my GIF option below.

After your GIF gets prepared, you can preview the result. And if you want to make some changes then you can do that too. You can change the background color, pause timing, resize, personal signature, etc. Thereafter, you can download the GIF. The GIF can be downloaded with or without watermark.


add effects to GIF online is one of the best online GIF editors. This is a free website where you can perform several activities. On this website, you can create GIF, add text to GIF, convert video to GIF, add effects and split GIFs, etc.

In order to add effects to animated GIFs, you need to first upload the GIF file. You can add GIF file from your computer or by URL. The site supports the file size of 35 MB maximum. Once you add the GIF, click Upload to proceed.

Then, you will see a list of effects below. There are filter’s names in the list like Gotham, Lomo, Toaster, Polaroid, Nashville, and Vignette. You can select them or use other effects to fix the effects. You can colorize the GIF, fix the brightness and contrast, color presets, animation flow, replace color with transparency, frames, adjust blurriness, and sharpness.

Once you’re done with the filter selection, you can click on Apply selected. Thereafter, you will see the preview below. And then, you can save the GIF by clicking right on your mouse.

3. Kapwing

add effects to GIF online

Kapwing is a free website where you can edit GIFs, images, and videos. This is a smart editor that makes your work easy. Using this website, you can add effects to GIF with its effective tools.

All you have to do is to visit the website to get started. There you will see the number of effects which you can add to your GIF. You can use effects like filter video, resize video, slow motion, reverse, rotate, speed and more.

Suppose you decide to add filters in the GIF, so firstly you will have to upload a GIF file. You can add GIF file from your computer or add by URL. Once the GIF is uploaded, you will see the filters on the left. There are approx 15 filters. You can pick any filter in order to apply it to GIF. Then, click on Create and download the GIF on your computer.

4. Webstools

add effects to GIF online

Webstools can also be used to add effects to GIF online. This is a free website where you can generate GIF videos with amazing effects.

When you open the website, it shows different styles of GIF effects. Here you can either add the URL or upload GIF from your computer.

Once the GIF is uploaded, you can choose the style of effect for your GIF. There are more than 25 effects which you can use for your GIF. When you’re done with the GIF effects, you can click on the Preview. And then the site shows you the preview on the top.

If you feel like changing the effects then you can again choose the effect and click preview. After that, you can save the GIF file on your computer.

In brief

Creating a GIF is fun. But you can make a GIF more interesting if you add some effects and filters in it. The online GIF editor websites are useful to get the job done. You can simply upload your GIF and use amazing effects to apply to the GIF. The websites let you save the output as well.

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