5 Free Websites To Record Medical History

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Here are 5 free websites to record medical history. By recording medical history, we can easily check any health problem which we had earlier and what all symptoms we faced. If we took any treatment for any health problem, can also be recorded and we can check it whenever we wish to. Medical history records can even help the caregivers and providers to easily catch hold your complete information. So, with the help of these sites, you can record your complete medical history and access it easily whenever you require it.

HealthyCircles: Record Medical history

Healthy Circles001

HealthyCircles is a website that helps you to record medical history, manage and share your health information. And you can also enroll in several online health programs and services. To avail this service, you must essentially register yourself to this website by just filling in some information about yourself. With this free registration you can manage and securely store the health information of you and your family. This website also allows you to remotely manage and engage in care of loved one with the help of HealthyCircles online care management tool. This site also helps you to print your full report so that you can show it to a doctor if they need.

Moreover, this tool also helps you to share all your information securely with caregivers and providers. So, sign up for a free account for eliminating the need for paper records and a shoebox filling system.

You can also check out HealthVault. Don’t forget to check out free health tracking software.

ZebraHealth: Record Medical History


ZebraHealth is another website that helps to record personal health or medical history. Medical history records are the best way by which you can keep a track of your health and your family’s health. You can take this record to any doctor visit. And you can even print this record in physician friendly format which quickly tells the doctor what they need to know to improve the quality of care. The records which you create are actually not the electronic medical record. There are no technical terms, no complex codes to report, then also doctors will receive a detailed information about your medical history.

Register yourself to this website and start recording your medical history in one place securely.

HealthButler: Record Medical History


HealthButler is a free website which allows you to store your health information or record medical history. HealthButler is an organization which is concerned with online health information. The main motive of this website is to collect preventive health info and organize it for individuals who can take control of their preventive care. This website is one of its kind which offers good things like e-mail reminders of healthy living, personal health information storage, and other health tools to its registered users. So, register yourself to this website in order to avail its services. Your stored personal health information remains on this website and you can access it whenever you require it.

HealthButler does not collect personal information and it will not spam or will never provide your email address to any third party.

MyMediConnect: Record Medical History

mymediconnect 1

MyMediConnect is another popular website where you can record all your Medical History. This website has a very simple interface with multiple features. MyMediConnect includes features such as:

  • Doctor Connecter: This feature allows you to store information related to doctors, hospitals and providers for you convenience.
  • Safety Deposit Box: With this utility feature you can store important reports of your doctor, lab and hospital.
  • My Reminder Rx: You can schedule reminders via call for checkups, doctor visit, etc.
  • Wellness tracker: It lets you to feed in details like height, weight, etc. to track your wellness.

By storing your health information, you are getting a benefit that whenever you require any information straightaway collect it from here. So, register yourself and care for your loved ones.

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RememberItNow: Record Medical History


RememberItNow is another health-based website where you can use the journal for recording your medical history. You can use this journal as a health diary. Contacts feature will let you add your doctors, pharmacies, account numbers, insurance contacts, caregivers to it. Use calendar feature to schedule appointments, medications, and tasks. And receive reminders via text or email. Current medications feature allows you to gather your medications, pill bottles and supplements. These were some features which you would find in this website other than recording medical history. Register yourself to “RememberItNow” and start recording medical history of yours and your loved ones.

These are few trustworthy websites where you can register for recording your medical history.

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