5 Free Apps To Find Call Stats On Android

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Here, are 5 free apps to find calls stats on Android. These apps provide complete call summary including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Some of the apps even let you track data usage. By tracking calls stats, you would the know the area where you can save your money.

Google Play Store has multiple apps to find call stats on Android. We will discuss about 5 best Android apps which allows you to track call data on Android. Apps include PhoneUsage app, dodol Phone (data, call, SMS u) app, aPhoneLog (Advanced phone Log) app, and more. Install any of them and track call stats on your Android phone.


PhoneUsage is a free Android app to find calls stats on Android. PhoneUsage is a smart app that allows you to track call stats of total calls including outgoing and incoming calls. PhoneUsage app provides call stats in the form of bar graphs and pie chart. The app will scan your full call log and displays top 4 callers. Also, the data prepared by the app is also based on the call flow from the top 4 callers. You can even make the app to prepare call stats of a specific time period which include the data of today, this week, this month, last month, and the data of previous 2 months. On top of it, you can check the call stats of outgoing and incoming calls individually. In addition to it, the app allows you to track the stats of text messages which includes outgoing and incoming text messages. Also, track the stats of internet data usage on your Android. You can check out our earlier review with tutorial to find calls statistics on Android.

dodol Phone (data, call, SMS u):


dodol Phone is a free Android app to track calls stats of incoming and outgoing calls. dodol Phone is a nice and one of the popular app in Google Play Store to track call data on Android. The app displays total call summary and call graphs based on total call summary. The home page of the app displays the total call duration in minutes, total messages count, and total internet data used. Tap on the call button to track total call stats which include call duration of incoming and outgoing calls individually. Call graphs in the app are prepared based on call summary of total calls. The app even allows you to set the quota for calls, messages, and internet data usage. Now you can use your Android according to the total quota set. This is truly a nice app to bring control over calls, messages, and internet data.


Calistic is a free Android app to find call stats which includes incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Calistic is a nice app that is specially designed to track only call stats of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. The app displays the list of contact numbers from which you receive calls and the contact numbers to which you make outgoing calls. All the contacts are listed in decreasing call duration. The number with higher call duration is placed at the top in the number list. You can easily view the total call duration from each contact number from the list. Based on the call duration, the app prepares a pie chart. You can even have the total call count and total call duration by a day, week, and month. Incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are displayed through a bar graph on the overview page itself. You can check out full review by us on Calistic app for Android.

aPhoneLog (Advanced phone Log):


aPhoneLog is a free Android app which provides call log stats on Android. This Android app is a nice app in Google Play Store which provides call stats from call logs of current and previous months. The app tells you total number of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Along with the total number of calls, the app even tells you total call duration in HHMMSS format. Also, you can have the full call summary of weekday weeknight, and weekend. The app even tells you the call duration of the longest call, shortest call, and average call. You can check the call details in the form of call logs, call summary, graph, and top callers. Along with the call stats, the app also provides SMS stats, internet data usage stats, and data real-time graph. The user interface of the app is simple and easy to use.



DroidStats is a free Android app which tells you call summary including all the incoming and outgoing calls on Android. The app also tracks the complete SMS stats and internet data stats on Android. Before getting started with the app, you can set the monthly quota for outgoing call minutes, outgoing SMS minutes, and internet data usage limit. The app displays the real-time bar graph displaying the quote used and left for all outgoing calls,outgoing messages, and internet data usage. Also, the app displays call summary of the current month and the total call summary. Call summary includes outgoing call minutes, outgoing paid minutes, outgoing calls, failed calls, incoming minutes, incoming calls, and missed calls. DroidStats is one of the popular app in Google Play Store with no ads.

If you find any other good Android app to find call stats, then do let us know in comments.

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