Answer Surveys by Google to Get Paid by Google in Form of Play Store Credit

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Google has launched Google Opinion Rewards that lets you answer surveys that Google posts and in exchange it adds credit to your Google Play Store that you can use in exchange of buying stuff from Google Play Store. The surveys will be short surveys with just a few questions and around 1 survey will be available per week. This app is currently available for US only.

Once you complete a survey, credit will be added to your Google Wallet account. If you don’t have a Google Wallet account, you will need to create one. Once you have associate a Google Wallet account with the app, you can start taking surveys.

Here is a quick video overview of Google Opinion Rewards:

To start using Google Opinion Rewards, download the app on your Android phone using the link I gave in the beginning. Once the app is installed, you will need to answer some questions about yourself. This helps Google in knowing more about you and send you relevant surveys. Once you have answered the questions and completed the profile, Google will start sending you surveys.

Once a survey is available for you, you will see a small notification in your notification bar. Select that and start the survey.

I haven’t tested this app myself (as I am not in USA), so I cannot tell from my first hand experience that what type of surveys will this app present, but based on what I have read, it seems like they will be simple surveys. Some sample surveys: when will you buy your next car, when are you planning to take a vacation.

This app has been created by Google Consumer Surveys that helps marketers and companies in understanding user behavior by running standard and customer surveys (for a payment). This app lets Google tap into the big set of mobile users who won’t mind taking small surveys in return for small Play Store credits to buy those $0.99 apps.

Privacy Issue?

Does this survey app infringes on the privacy? Of course, it does, but unlike other privacy infringement incidents that happen with us everyday (on Facebook, Google, etc.), this app puts the choice in your hand. If you decide to install this app, it’s a choice you make that you are ok in sharing some personal info about your thoughts, habits, opinion, lifestyle, etc. in exchange for virtual money. Whenever you get a survey, it is your choice whether you want to answer the survey or not. So, whether you are are ok with this privacy infringement or not, that’s your choice.

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This app isn’t targeted in making you reach. Neither it will give you any extra money to spend. This will give you a few surveys per month and will credit a few dollars to your Play Store account that you can use to buy apps, music, etc. If you don’t mind the questions, it is a good way to earn some Play store credit by answering surveys in your free time.

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