Free Kids Lego game for Android to Drive Trains Across Cute Towns

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Lego Duplo Trains is a Lego game for Android that involves you to play the driver of a train. You will have to select wagons and load them with materials required to be carried from one station to another across cute towns. You may also need to build bridges in order to cross the river between two cities.

This free Lego game app also requires you to stop at crossings for refueling. In this Android game you can lay new train tracks to have the train pass through the village. It is a cute and fun game.

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Key Features of this LEGO Game for Android:

  • Very bright and colorful user interface.
  • Interactive Lego game app.
  • Very nice graphics and animation.
  • Cute environment with trees, animals, clouds, grass etc.
  • Select wagons to attach to the train.
  • Upload materials to the train and carry them to places.
  • Build bridges and train tracks.
  • Refuel train for a smooth journey ahead.
  • The app also has a very cute and fun soundtrack.
  • Free and fun to play Lego game for Android devices.
  • No ads, no purchases.

If you are a Windows 8 user than play this Lego game for Windows 8.

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Game Play of Lego Duplo Train:

Download the Lego game for Android on your phone using the link given at the end of this page. You can also scan the given QR Code with a Barcode Scanner from your Android device to get the free game app directly on your phone.

Tap the game app icon on Android Apps menu to launch LEGO DUPLO Train. The game starts with a cute lego character driving his engine to the train station in his town. The app will guide you through the game on how to play it and what to do next. It is an interactive game app that can be easily played by small kids.

If your kid loves the cute Lego toys, then he/she will surely love this Lego game for Android. It can teach your kid about colors, trains, cute animals like sheep, camels, cows etc. The background is very beautiful with natural things like trees, clouds, mountains, and flowers that will appear very pleasing to the kids.

This free Lego game app not only has appealing graphics but very entertaining and cute game sounds, too. The soundtrack adds to the fun and feel of the app.

lego game for android app

You can also play other classic games like Mario on Android, that have been reviewed earlier on our website.

Final Verdict:

LEGO DUPLO Train is a cute and fun to play game for small children. It has very colorful environment with recognizable animals and other things in the background. It will enhance a child’s mind while giving him/her a wonderful experience of driving his own train. I think kids would absolutely love this amazing game.

Get LEGO DUPLO Train here or use the QR Code given below:

lego duplo train

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