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Baidu Browser is a another Android web browser from the leading Chinese web service provider for Android. Fast web browsing is the main reason why one should go ahead and install this awesome web browser on Android. Not only fast web browsing, the browser features many other features, like: bookmarking, providing shortcut to your favorite services on homepage, toggle to full-screen, Incognito mode, and much more. Best of all of this is its T5 engine which boost up the web page loading speed by 30%. But, T5 engine is supported by only some devices. The devices which are supported gives you the pop-up to download T5 engine on the start of the browser on Android. Baidu Browser
This web browser for Android is also a good one if you are looking for some simple web browser. Like other web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, UC browser, Dolphin browser, Opera Mini browser) this browse also provide tabbed browsing. The good part of multiple tabbed browsing is two-finger scrolling. With your two fingers, scroll the webpage down to open a new tab, scroll down to close or delete a tab, scroll to left or right to switch between the tabs. I like this scrolling feature as it can make your tabbed browsing easier and faster on Android.

T5 engine:

As discussed above, that the specialty of Baidu web browser for Android is its T5 engine functionality. Downloading T5 engine increases the speed of webpage loading by upto 30%. This feature is supported by only limited devices. I am not aware about the list of devices which supports T5 functionality, but yes, I can surely say that this web browser for Android works faster.

Enabling Text Mode:

Baidu Browser Text Only Another good feature of this Android web browser app is its enabling text mode. This makes you open the webpages without images. For e.g., if a webpage has both text and images, then enabling text mode lets you only open the webpage with text and not the images. Enabling text mode is the best feature for the users who are running the slow internet connection or 2G connection. Disabling images loads the webpage faster and lets you read the contents with ease.


You can take screenshot of the browser page with a single tap. Just open the webpage, tap on the options menu, and tap on “screenshot” button. To open the screenshot, head to downloads, and you will find all the screenshots.

Features Of Baidu Web Browser For Android:

  • Fast web browsing.
  • Tabbed browsing on Android.
  • Shortcuts to multiple web services on homepage.
  • Bookmark any webpage.
  • Enable night mode which will automatically adjust the screen brightness of your Android device.
  • Incognito mode available.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Built-in download manager available.

Download Baidu Browser:

Download Baidu Browser on your Android from here. Else, you can scan the QR Code below and get the download link of the app. Baidu Browser QR Code

Baidu Browser makes your browsing experience a wonderful one. I like the browsing speed with the help of T5 engine. Also, I like the text mode feature available as, you can easily switch and browse the webpages without image for slow internet speed. Try it 0ut and leave your feedback in the comments below.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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