Car Racing Game For Android To Kill Zombies: Dead End

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Dead End is a free car racing game for Android that comes with horrified and old-fashioned interface. In this game, you need to fight for your life and complete all the 20 missions to win the mysterious golden tape so as to reach heaven safely. You can accomplish all your missions by smashing the zombies with your car, earning points in cash, and by overcoming all the road hurdles. This game comprises of monochromatic graphics and playing the game feels quite nostalgic and horrified.  It measures the distance you covered and how many zombies you smashed on the way. Not only that, it counts the amount of cash you earned while accomplishing the missions. It shows you your best results, so that you get motivated to perform even better and better.

The best part of this car racing game for Android is that, this game comes with a garage, where with the help of the earned points, you can always upgrade and fix all the damages that happened to your car.

Dead End For Android

Dead End is an interesting game, which will hold your attention till you complete all the missions to reach heaven safely.

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Gameplay Of Car Racing Game For Android: Dead End

Dead End for Android can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of this review. To play the game, just tap on GO.

As soon as you tap GO, you car is ready to smash zombies. You need to crash and smash the zombies, both thin and the fat ones, to kill them and make some money.

Dead End For Android- start

The game as both tilt and touch controls to navigate your car. If you go for tilt controls, you need to tilt your phone in the direction in which you want to turn the car. The car responds quite accurately to the phone tilt. In case of touch control, you will use the controls on screen.

When you drive the car, you wills see zombies on the road. When you hit any zombie, you score. However, the zombies leave a trail of blood on windshield of your car and you need to use wiper to clean up that mess (just rub on the screen to start wiper).

The game gives you various missions that you have to complete. Like, if you crush 250 zombies, you’ll be able to complete mission.

Dead End For Android- crush 250 zombies

This way you have to accomplish all the 20 missions to achieve the mysterious golden tape.

Dead End For Android-missions

Once your race is finished, it displays the distance covered by you, earned cash in the game, smashed zombies, max combo achieved, along with the total cash in your game wallet. Apart from that, it tracks the best of your record and displays that as well, to earn more cash to reach safely to the heaven.

Dead End For Android- result

It is obvious that while smashing zombies and overcoming obstacles, your car may get damaged. There is nothing to worry about, the racing game for Android comes with a garage, where you can fix your car damages. You can transform your car simply by purchasing any required part of the car, by shedding some earned cash points from your game wallet.

Dead End For Android- garage

Even though the car updation is free, the game itself comes with a paid upgrade as well that lets you go faster.

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My Verdict About Dead End:

Dead End is really an interesting racing game for Android, that I enjoyed thoroughly. The horrified interface and the monochromatic graphics combines together to give perfect zombie environment. It feels like really you are trapped between zombies and struggling for hard to escape to heaven safely so as to live peacefully. You too can enjoy this old-fashioned horrified racing game for Android from the link below. Don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comments below.

Get Dead End for Android here, or scan the QR code below:

Dead End For Android- QR code

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