Shutdown Computer Within Seconds By Pressing A Hotkey: WKSW Extender

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WKSW Extender (or Windows/Workstation Kill Switch) is a very simple software that is used to power shutdown computer within a few seconds by pressing a custom hotkey. It could be handy when you have to leave your PC in hurry without closing opened applications, or if PC is taking more time than usual, even after using forceful shutdown option. You simply need to configure a hotkey to shutdown computer in a short time. It is able to shutdown computer earlier than usual. However, you need to use it carefully as data loss (if data is not saved by you) will happen by forceful computer shutdown. All opened windows, web browsers, folders, etc. will be closed, and your computer will shutdown shortly.

WKSW Extender- interface

In screenshot above, you can see the simple interface of WKSW Extender where you need to specify a key combination for PC shutdown. In my case, whenever I tried to shutdown computer, it takes maximum 5 seconds to shutdown computer.

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How To Shutdown Computer Quickly Using WKSW Extender?

WKSW Extender comes as a batch file. You don’t need to install that file, just execute that batch file by double-clicking. Its batch file comes in a zip archive (223 KB) which you can download using the download link present at the end of this review.

After executing the batch file, WKSW Extender’s interface will open up. Here, you need to assign a hotkey that will be used as power shutdown key (or you can say kill switch). Assigning a long key combination is not a good idea if you have to quickly shutdown PC. So just use two or three keys. After providing keys, click on Install button. After this, those keys will be used as hotkey or kill switch to quickly shutdown PC.

WKSW Extender- specify the kill switch

Once you have specified the kill-switch, you can close its interface. And whenever you will press the kill switch, it will close all windows, and will shutdown computer.

Features Present In WKSW Extender are:

  • A simple yet useful software to quickly shutdown computer without waiting for applications to close.
  • You can assign any custom hotkey and can even change it.
  • You don’t need to keep running WKSW Extender. After providing the hotkey, you can close its interface.
  • It comes as a batch file which you need to open just by double-clicking.
  • Very lightweight and completely free.


WKSW Extender is a handy software which will be helpful in emergency to shutdown computer properly and quickly. But data will be lost (if not saved), so use it carefully if it is useful for you.

Get WKSW Extender free.

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