Free Software to Switch Between Different Hosts Files

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Hozz is a free software to switch between different Hosts files. It lets you create various Hosts file in it and then you can apply any of them anytime. It offers a very intuitive interface where you can add different rules in the host files. You can make any number of Hosts file and switch between them in just single click. It provides a built-in search to search the host file configuration that you have created. And not only this, but it also allows you to export the Hosts file that you have created in it.

There are some Hosts file editor software that you use to do a similar thing. But the problem is that you will have to edit the host file again and again which is time consuming. That is where Hozz comes in handy. You don’t have to edit the same Hosts file again and again. It offers very smart way of doing that. Just create different rules that you want to add in the Hosts file periodically. And when you want to apply them, just do that in a single click. No need for editing the system’s Hosts file again and again.

Free Software to Switch Between Different Hosts Files

Using Free Software to Switch Between Different Hosts Files

Hozz is very powerful and useful software that you can use. If you often work with the Hosts file, then you will surely need this. This is a portable software and on top of that it is cross-platform too. You can easily use it on any platform in the same way. You just have to create the list of rules once. And then in just one click, keep switching between them.

Here is how to use this free software.

Step 1: You can get Hozz from its GitHub releases. After that, you can extract its contents and then open it. But do note that, Hosts file can only be accessed by admin rights. So, you will have to run this software with admin rights. To do that, just right click on its EXE file and then select “Run as Administrator”.

Hozz user interface

Step 2: From the bottom left side, you can create a new Hosts file. Just click on the “+” icon and then give your file a name. Next, you can start adding the rules in it that you usually add in the original Hosts file manually. It saves the text automatically.

Create host file

Step 3: The next step is to enable that file. You can even enable multiple Hosts file at the same time. You can click on the radio button to enable a Host file. It will immediately write the information to the original Hosts file in Windows.

Enable any hosts file

That is how you can use this free software on Windows. In just a few clicks, you can switch between different hosts file. And if you want to export the Hosts file from the software then you can do that. Just click on the gear icon from the bottom, it will open the settings section of the software. You can use the Export option to export all the data from the software to any specified location and import it later.

Being in active development there are some minor bugs in this tool. But its ability to switch between different Hosts file is working as it should be. Also, this is an open-source software and you can find its source code on GitHub.

Closing thoughts

Hozz is definitely a very nice software that you can use to easily switch between different Hosts files. This will be really helpful software as it saves a lot of your time that you would have wasted in manually editing the Hosts file. So, if you are looking for a software to manage Hosts, then try Hozz.

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Works With: WIndows, MAC, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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