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Noteliner is a free To Do list software that can be downloaded to your computer to help you organize your work. You can do lots of things that help you streamline your work process. Some of these things include; a place to keep notes, create to do lists, and contain all your work information in one location.

This free to do list creator has been around for years, and the creator keeps adding new great features. It saves lots of time for people who like to be organized and want all their information in the same place. Notes are also easier to read when they are typed instead of hand written. Lots of things in the work place are going online, and it is easy to send an email with typed notes instead of written notes.


To use this free to do list manager you simply go to the official website of Noteliner and download the program. You can then easily install it to your computer and use it in no time. Set up the lists and add notes that you can send to one person or all your team members. The set up wizard will help you install the program, but it is really standard installation. You can easily track your work and save it so that if you need to go back and review something you can go right to it. In most offices there are already way too many pieces of paper printed.

Another great thing about this free to do list manager is that you can use it for your personal projects. If you have a large family and need to plan for the week with school schedules and meals then you can use this software. It can be used to keep track of a move or building a new house. The possibilities are endless and best of all it is all free, so check it out today!

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Features of Noteliner:

  • Notes to Specific People: You will be able to control who sees certain notes in your program. You can assign people to not only see your notes but respond to them by a certain follow up date. You can set priority on the ones you feel are most important. You will be able to keep track of all the notes you have assigned and the activity that has been done within them.
  • Phenomenal Saving Capability: The program is set to save automatically when you change something so you never have to worry about losing anything. This can be quite a relief to people who back up their backups. You do not have to remember to save your work which can take a little stress off of you.

Download Noteliner and start creating to do lists.

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