Free Agile Project Management Tool with Sprints, Epics, Kanban Board

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free Agile project management tool with Sprints, Epics, Kanban board. This project management tool has an ideal set of features that will help developers and product teams to collaborate on same platform. Here it offers a handy interface to manage the issues, backlogs, new tasks, ideas, support tickets, and other project activities. In the free version, it allows you to add 4 users and 4 projects. You can use the Kanban board to plan the workflow of a project and even assign different users to each task. You can make Sprints to create different phases in the project development cycle. The interface of the tool is very interactive and you can use powerful filters in each section to see the reports anytime.

There are are a lot of Agile project management tools that we have covered. But here this Agile project management tool is quite different. And it is specially meant for collaboration between the product team and developers. No need for passing the feedback or any other details between two teams by manually copy pasting. It lets different teams or users collaborate on a project using a common platform that it offers. Use the Kanban board to make the workflow of the project and then create the Sprints and Epics accordingly.

Free Agile Project Management Tool with Sprints, Epics, Kanban Board

Using Free Agile Project Management Tool with Sprints, Epics, Kanban Board:

Zube is a very powerful tool that uses Agile methodology for project management. And the free plan is best suited for small teams. You can sign up for this using your GitHub or Google account and integrate it with Slack as well. So, simply go to the homepage of Zube and then create a free account for you. After signing in, create a organization and invite your team members there.

On the main interface, you will see the Kanban board that you can use to specify the workflow of the project. You can add different project tasks in it corresponding to different phases. While creating a task, you can assign it to any of your teammate as well. Since it supports 4 projects, then you will get 4 Kanban boards in your workspace that you can use in Zube at the same time.

Zube kanban board

Next, after Kanban board, there is Sprint Board and Sprints section. In the Sprints section you can simply add a Sprint by specifying duration mainly the start and ending dates along with a description. You can add as many sprints as you want and then use them in the Sprint board. And the Sprint board is nothing but the earlier Kanban board with extended options to visualize it according to different sprints that you have created in it.

Sprints in Zube

After Sprints, there is an Epics section that you can use to add user stories or any other important task in your project. Epics mostly constitute the project backlogs part in hierarchical manner. It tells about the final output of user needs and is a very nice way to organize your work. You can create different epics in Zube and specify a small description about them. You can even assign different colors to epics you create in it.

zube epics in the workspace

Now, let’s talk about another important part of this project management system that is the Issues Tracker. An Issue tracker is a much needed part no matter if you use GitHub or any other project management tool. If there are an issues in currently developing products then they need to be listed and organized somewhere. And you can do that efficiently in Zube. In the Issues Tracker, you can list every issue as a list and even assign different labels to that. This is useful for both the developers and the product team.

zube issues tracker

So, these are the main features of this agile project management tool. If you often indulge yourself in some small projects then you can try Zube to organize your work. It’s free plan is worth a shot and if you have a big team then you may even consider the other paid plans as well.

The Verdict

Zube is one of the best free and a powerful agile project management tool that offers you Sprints, Epics, and Kanban Board in one place. In my opinion, it is ideal tool for managing projects with the help of Epics and Sprints. And I don’t think any free project management tools offers you all that along with a Kanban Board. So, if you are looking for a powerful and promising project management tool, then give Zube a try.

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