OpenSong: Free Software to Manage Editing of Songs

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OpenSong is a free, open-source software application for managing lyrics, chords, lead sheets, projecting a song on projector and many other features. You can add lyrics along with lead notes and chords. Using various background and styles, a presentation can be prepared to be projected in churches and other events. It is a complete software for managing and showcasing your songs.

To install OpenSong on your system, go to their website here and download the appropriate setup file. OpenSong is supported by all popular operating systems namely, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

After downloading, just install as per the instructions prompted. Opening window looks like:


Other downloads include:

  • OpenSong Import (Windows only)
  • Languages (for translation)
  • Backgrounds (for presentations)
  • Songs (1000s of prepared songs in various languages)
  • Bibles (in various languages)

Functions & Features

Menu Bar: Important features

File: Gives you options to create new songs, print songs alphabetically or categorically, see activity log for all the modifications, look for Bible scriptures and present the song

Edit: Standard options as available in most windows applications to cut, copy, paste, undo, find, etc

Settings: This drop down menu gives you an exhaustive options to change the settings for creating/editing songs, settings for presentations and printing. It also has options to refresh default folders for songs and sets (combination of songs in form of slides). Any “other downloads” as mentioned above can be installed through (Settings –> Install Module) for OpenSong

Mode:  Two modes to work with: Song Mode or Set Mode

Modes & Functions

Song Mode

In song mode, you can either create a new song or edit an existing song which can be selected from the list on the left side of the window.

You can modify:

  • Title
  • Author
  • CCLI# Song
  • Chords/Lyrics
  • Copyright Information
  • Presentation order of the song
  • Hymn#
  • Transpose using Sharps or Flats

Advanced users of OpenSong can also play around with song’s theme, capo, time signatures, style, tempo, etc of the songs

The above screenshot shows the Advanced editor in Song Mode.

Set Mode

As soon as you switch to Set Mode (or Song Mode), a prompt to save the current work is shown every time.

Set Mode helps you to edit your sets. Sets are used to project a series of songs, slides, transitions, etc. This is where the final presentation takes shape.

Pic below shows the left pane of the window while Set Mode is selected:


Attributes which can be changed in Set Mode are:

  • Title: For the set
  • Subtitle: If any, to be displayed on the slide
  • Name: Different than Title. It doesn’t actually displays in slides but is for user reference
  • Slides: You may add background images, songs, scriptures and styles here
  • Custom presentation order: If you want to change the original presentation order of the songs
  • Auto Advance Slides: For timed presentations
  • Transition: For slides. This is similar to PowerPoint presentation

You may also export sets to a desired folder or external device. This export file can be used on different machine(s) if need be.

Important Features of OpenSong

  • OpenSong Automatically transpose chords to any key
  • Sheets with regular and capo changed chords can be printed together
  • While printing, everything ranging from title, author, chords/lyrics etc can be customized for fonts, appearance, size. etc
  • In advanced mode you can modify even the minute details such as tempo, time signature and other user generated fields
  • Presenting a song or a set is very easy and is highly customizable with transition effects, timed slides, loops, etc.
  • Bible verses can also be presented. Scripture lookup feature is unique for OpenSong and is easy to use in Sets too
  • Adding various background images and styles as per the mood of the song gives personal touch to each individual songs

Summarizing the review, we would suggest users who want to present their songs with complete information (chords, lyrics, author, etc) or present Bible verses, OpenSong is a complete tool. Download it and play with it for a while to get hang of it and you’ll be happy to have hit across this free and exhaustive software to manage and present your songs!

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Works With: Windows, Linux and MacOS X
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