5 Free Drive Icon Changer Software for Windows 10

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Here are 5 free drive icon changer software for Windows 10. When you are bored viewing the default hard drive icons, then these software will come in handy. All these software provide simple interface and changing the icon of any drive is very easy. You can replace default hard drive icons with any custom ICO files. So you can set your favorite icon file as hard drive icon.

You can also set the default icon again whenever you need. Apart from that, some of these drive icon changer software also let you change drive label or name.

Let’s start with first free drive icon changer software for Windows 10 covered in this list.

Change Drive icon

Change Drive Icon interface

If you need a very simple drive icon changer software for Windows 10, then this software would be a good choice. Change Drive icon software comes with a user-friendly interface. You can select any ICO file, select drive, and use Change icon button. Before applying the changes, you can also preview the output icon, so you can double-check which icon you are going to apply. You can also restore the default icon of any drive anytime. So this software can be tried without worrying about how you will get back the default icons of hard drives.

This software also comes with a feature to change label name of any selected drive. So if you are bored with that default “Local Disk (E:)”, “Local Disk (C:)”, etc., then you can use this software to add a custom name for any drive. This is one of the best free drive icon changer software for Windows 10 that I have come across.

Drive Icon

Drive Icon software

Drive Icon has a pretty basic interface and using its interface to change hard drive icon is very easy. The software provides a small interface where everything is self-explanatory. You can select the drive letter, use Browse.. button to add ICO file, and click Apply button to immediately apply the changes. The preview of icon file that you are going to set as drive icon is also visible.

If you later change your mind and want to set default drive again, then it can also be done using this software. Simply select the same drive and use Reset button to reset the changes.

Drive Icon Changer

Drive Icon Changer- interface

Drive Icon Changer (Homepage) is another useful software for Windows 10 that can help you change the icon of any drive in just few mouse clicks. You need to select a drive, add an ICO file of your choice, and press Save button. This will help you change the drive icon, but you need to restart PC to apply the changes.

You can also restore the default icon of any drive, but for that, you have to restart PC again. I really didn’t like this thing because other software can apply new icon without PC restart. Still, the software is simple and can change drive icon easily, so that can be the reason you want to try this software.

To use this software without any issue, you should run this software as an administrator.


DriveIcons interface

If you don’t want to restart PC just to change drive icons, then try DriveIcons software. This DriveIcons software works similar to Change Drive icon software. That means you can change the icon as well as label of any drive using this software. You can also set the default icon and label anytime.

You need to run this drive icon changer software for Windows 10 with admin rights. Select a drive whose icon you want to change, add a custom label (if you want), and use Change Icon button to add an ICO file of your choice. When it is done, use Save Changes button, and then close its interface. This will change icon file of that particular drive immediately. If File Explorer is already opened, then you need to refresh it to view the changes.

To get back the default icon and/or label, run the software again as administrator and select the drive. After that, you can use Remove icon button and add label (if you changed it), and save the changes. After that, you can close the software and view the changes.


DriveIconChanger- interface

DriveIconChanger is also a handy software for changing the icon of any drive of your Windows 10 PC. It has a small interface where you can change drive icon in just three steps. You can select ICO file that you want to apply as hard drive icon, select drive, and press Go button. That’s it! The drive icon is changed instantly.

The software is a good choice but the thing that I didn’t like is that the software doesn’t provide option to set the default icon again. So, I will say use this software only when you already have the default hard drive icon. Otherwise, you first have to download hard drive icon (try FreeIconFinder software) and apply it.

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The Verdict:

These are my favorite free drive icon changer software for Windows 10. Among all these software, I prefer Change Drive icon software. This software is perfect for me. I can easily preview the output icon, apply new icon, as well as get back to the default drive icon. Other software are also good, but if I have to select only one drive icon changer for Windows 10, then it is Change Drive icon software for sure.

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