7 Websites to Play Hairstyle Games

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Hairstyle games have always been very popular among children of all ages. People say its a girls game but I think all children enjoy the hair cutting and styling games. Though girls might enjoy it a bit more after a certain age. I was just going through my morning routine thinking which hairstyle to do today and thought if there were any games around this. Well there are lots of games which let you make different hairstyles. And its much easier to make hairstyle in games then in real life. So let’s see what games I found for playing hairstyle games.

Gold Hair Games

gold hair games

The first website we are going to start with is Gold Hair Games. The website has lots of games related to hairstyling as can be seen in the above screenshot. Each category listed has a number of games inside them. The games are pretty easy to play with step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to make a new hairstyle.

gold hair games cheer hairstyles

The game which I liked a lot was under new hairdos game category called popular cheer hairstyles. In this game you need to make a new hairstyle for a cheer girl. It also lets you dress up the cheer girl after the hairstyling part is done. A screenshot from the game can be seen above.



This website also has lots of games based on hairstyling as you can see from the screenshot above. Some popular games among these are celebrity hair, bridesmaid hair, Cinderella salon, etc. All the games are pretty easy to play and come with instructions to follow. All you have to do is choose a hairstyle and follow instructions to make that hairstyle.

dressupgames cinderella salon

My favorite game out of the lot is Cinderella Salon. What can be better than trying to hairstyle a princess. A screenshot of the game can be seen above. The game let’s you pick out your favorite hairdo for the princess and then also lets you choose the dress and accessories for the princess. Just follow the arrow on screen and keep going next to complete a perfect hairdo.



Another websites which has a huge collection of hairstyling games. You can try out some graduation day hairdos, valentines day hairdo, funky hairdo, etc. All the games will have music playing in the background. Just follow the screen prompt and you will be able to create a new hairstyle in no time.

roundgames draculaura

The one game I liked the most was Draculaura Hairstyles. The game lets you apply shampoo and conditioner to the hair of Draculaura first. After that dry her hair and choose what style hair will look nice on her. You can even choose the hair color to make her look perfect. Well even vampires need to have good hair. A screenshot of the game is given above.



This website has a category for hairdresser games under which you will find 30+ hair related games. The games are about hair cutting and hairstyling. You can go through then and see which ones you like the most. Again all games have simple instructions to follow and create a new hairstyle. The games are all laid out in a tile format and hovering over a game tile will show you a small description of the game.

agame princess hairstyle

Princess hairstyle is the game I liked. To begin with you have to choose the princess you want to give a hairdo to out of 5 princesses. Then you have to choose the hairstyle you want to give to the princess. Then you will be shown steps on how to complete the hairdo. Now on the game screen complete the steps as they were mentioned earlier. In case you don’t remember, just click on the help button to bring up the steps to follow.



This website also has a good collection of games based on hair. You can also sort out the games based on new, popular and game title. Clicking on any game tile will bring up the game window, from where you can start playing the game.

girlsgogames fairytale hairstyle

I liked the Fairytale hairstyle game. It had option of story mode and creation mode. In story mode you have to go chapter wise and create new hairdos to unlock next chapter. Whereas, in creation mode you go through hairstyling of different princesses.



This website has a huge collection of hair games to choose from. When you land on the home page of this website, you will see all the games listed one after another in a tile format. Just choose a game you like and start playing it. When you hover your mouse over a game tile, it will display the name of the game. Click on the game tile and it will bring up the game in a new window.

mafa summer braided hairstyles

I liked summer braided hairstyles game on this website. Braiding the hairs need a little more precision then I anticipated. Well it was actually easy to just follow the prompts on the screen on what to do next.



The website is called girlgames and has a huge collection of hairstyling games. When you come to this website you will see a screen like the one shown in the above screenshot. The games are all listed in a tiled format and clicking on any game will take you to its play window.

girlgames bridesmaid

The one which I liked the most was Bridesmaid Hair Salon. You can see a screenshot of the game above. It was quite similar to another game I played, but I still enjoyed it. To start with the game you have to shampoo, condition and wash the hair of the bridesmaid. The dry the hair and choose the hairstyle to apply. Finish the look by choosing perfect dress and accessories for her.

You can also check out websites to try out virtual hairstyles.

These were the websites which had a good collection of hairstyle games on them. I was not able to try out all the games, but the ones I tried were really nice. So in case you are interested in hairstyle games and have some time to spare, then do try out these websites.

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