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In this article, you will read about how you can search the brand logos by Design using Aesthetic.

Designing a logo can be a difficult task when you are setting up your new website. Moreover, logo design and selection is the most difficult part of giving the identity to the website. However, when you design a particular logo and upload it on your website. Some days later, you come across a website that already has a similar design as your logo. And we know that can be really frustrating.

For this, check out this web application that lets you search all the logo designs already available on the internet based on visual similarity.

Search Logos by Design

Aesthetic is a simple web application that lets you search the existing logo brands based on visual similarity. This web application lets you search from more than millions of existing brand logo so you can look and eliminate the similar elements from your logo designs.

When you visit the website, you will be able to search the brands’ logo on the homepage itself. You can type in the name for which you have the logo in the search bar, and then results will show you how many similar logos are there on different websites.

Search for logo design

For example, I have searched for the I love Free Software logo, which we have already updated on our website. This web application collection all the logos that may appear similar to the text and content of one website and provides you result of all the type in one search. You can see the logo of I love Free Software as the first search result on this web application.

Logo search - Aesthetic

Moreover, if you have already selected the name of your website and looking for creative inspiration for your logo design, you can always come to this website and explore from thousands of existing branded logos for making your creative engines churn.

You can register on this website for safe search and save all your collection in your profile.

In brief

When you’re struggling to find and create the best logo for your business brand, then searching the existing logos from Aesthetic can be of great help. This web application works in two ways, either you can search for the existing brand logos and rule out the possibilities of similar designs, or you can explore the existing logos which can be of great inspiration for your new logo design.

Either way, this web application is a simple yet fun way to explore the design ideas and logo creativity at one platform.

Check out this web application here.

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