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TripCake is a free online trip planner to collaborate with friends to plan trip and also search accommodation. The coolest thing about this website is that neither you or nor your friends need to register or link any other social account with it to plan the trip. Simply open the website and start planning. The website provides you with a unique URL which you have to share with friends (or anyone you want) to invite them for the collaboration.

While planning, the website lets you suggest (vote for) place (s) you want to visit, type of trip you are interested in, time frame (in terms of exact dates) in which you want to go for trip, number of days you want to spend in the trip, and finally the amount of money you are ready to spend for transportation and lodging.


You can then check the total votes for each recommendations and your friends can also add their own suggestions to it. The app also displays different hotels along with deals for the accommodation and you can also book the one you want to.

Using this Online Trip Planner to Collaborate with Friends to Plan Trip:

Go to the TripCake website and click on the Plan My Trip option from the home page. Since, the website doesn’t require you to register or link any account. You simply need to open the website and click on the option.

It will take you to the trip planner interface where you need to enter your name to get started. The name is required so that your friends can identify you when they will be voting.

Enter your Name

After this, the whole trip planning has 4 sections: Type of Trip, Destinations, Time Duration in terms of exact dates, Time duration in terms of number of days, and Budget for hotels/transportation.

  • Type of Trip: Choose from Tour, City Trip, Beach Vacation, Sport Vacation, Party Vacation, and Wellness. You can also add any other custom trip type.
    Trip Type
  • Destinations: Add the place(s) where you want to go for trip. The website suggests you the name as you will type in a few alphabets of the place name.
    Destination You Want to Visit
  • Time Duration (for dates): Enter the time frame in which you want to go for the trip. You have to enter the starting date and end date for the trip.
    Time Frame for Dates
  • Time Duration (for days): Enter the time fame for trip in terms of number of days like 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks etc.
    Number of days
  • Budget: Enter your budget for the accommodation and transportation.

When you have entered the details, it’s time to give a name to your trip and email address. The email address is required so that the TripCake can notify you about the trip plans. On providing it the two, TripCake gives you an unique URL which you can share with anyone for the collaboration purpose.

Invite Friends

When your friends join using that URL, they also need to go through same procedure for giving their suggestions for the trip. The only difference is that they will also see the suggestion given by you. When they have given their suggestions, you can see them as shown in screenshot below. You can easily figure which friend of yours is in favor of which thing.

Suggestion Overview

The website also displays recommended hotels to you on the basis of most voted destination among all the suggestions. You can also choose to change the location using a drop down menu.

Recommended Hotels

If you like any hotel, then click on Suggest to Friends and they will be notified about the suggestion. You will find all the shortlisted hotels under favorites category. If you want to book any hotel, hover your mouse over it and click on Book option. You will be redirected to the main website from where you can proceed with the booking process.

Book Hotels

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Final Verdict:

TripCake is a awesome online trip planner with the feature to collaborate with your friends and plan the perfect trip for everyone. It’s very easy to suggest anything from place, budget to time frame. It’s all very easy. Do give it  try.

Try TripCare here.

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