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Google Sightseeing is a unique travel website that lets you explore various parts of the world with the help of various Google tools like Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Street View. It’s probably one of the best place where you can find the most fascinating and interesting places from all over the world, and take a tour of them without having to leave your home.

Google Sightseeing publish articles on world’s famous tourist destinations and let’s you post your own views on some interesting place that you find on Google Maps or Google Earth. It makes use of interactive videos, aerial views, and amazing photography to let you visually analyze the beauty of places. And with the help of Google’s advanced tools, it attempts to cover the place from each dimension. You can Zoom In or Zoom Out views, or use the pan tool to see a panoramic view of the image.

And apart from that, you can make comments, share articles, or even suggest noteworthy places on Google maps. The site also have a news section where it publish news on latest happening on Google Sightseeing.

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Explore Places Worldwide on Google Sightseeing:

Google Sightseeing is mainly dedicated toward providing you a dynamic view of most amazing places in the world. So that you may get a real experience about the place while sitting at home. The site categorize all the places according to the countries they are in, and interests to which they belong. It cover landmarks, watercraft, towers, theme parks, structures, street views, movie locations, landmarks, monuments, islands, buildings, bridges, world heritage sites, stadiums, deserts, and lot more!

Google Sightseeing creatively describes the beauty of each place in its article and gives a brief overview and history of the place, covering reasons for the popularity of the place.

The site displays the latest and recent articles on its homepage which you can go though and explore the place right from your desktop using Google’s advanced web technologies like Google Map, Google Earth, and Google Street View. Google Sightseeing also uses Google’s satellite views to cover some of the cool and exciting remote locations from all over the world.

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Suggest a Sight on Google Sightseeing:

Apart from providing information on famous tourist destinations, Google Sightseeing also lets you suggest a sight that you find worth-seeing on Google Maps or Google Earth. Your can also write your own views on the place and why you think people should see the place.

These posts will be taken as suggestions and if they are found to be worth-seeing, they will be posted on Google Sightseeing.

Key Features of  Google Sightseeing:

  • Free web portal that provides information on best tourist spots all over the world.
  • Lets you explore as well as suggest interesting places.
  • Makes use of Google’s advanced web technologies like Earth, Google Maps, and Google Street View to provide a real-view of places.
  • Occasionally uses Google Satellite views to cover remote places or a wide sightseeing satellite views
  • Not sponsored by or affiliated with Google.
  • Lets you search any place by name, by place, or by category.
  • Make comments on articles posted on website.
  • Share or mail articles to your friends.
  • Videos, aerial views, panoramic views, and amazing photography on places.
  • News section for reading news on latest happenings on Google Sightseeing.
  • The Google sightseeing book (paid) covering 100 most unique locations captured through satellites.

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The Final Verdict:

Google Sightseeing is an amazing website for people who have keen interest in travelling. It covers places from all over the world using advanced web technologies and satellite views to cover the place from each aspect and let you view it from each dimension. Thus before you plan to visit a place, you can read about it on Google Sightseeing and take a look on how the place looks like exactly. Apart from that, you can also suggest a place of your interest that you find on Google Earth or Google Maps.

Google Sightseeing is probably the best place to look over most exciting tourist attractions from around the world. Go ahead and  hit the link given below to visit Google Sightseeing now.

Visit Google Sightseeing here.

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