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GfxEditor is a free online image editor and free online DTP application. GfxEditor lets you create great looking images online. After that, you can save the images to your computer, or you can even order merchandise that has that image printed on it. The best part is that this free online image editor and DTP application is completely online, and you do not need to download or install anything to use it.

Update: (July 13, 2013) The service is no longer available. you can instead check out Fix Picture.

GfxEditor is created by Mario Gomes Cavalcanti of Denmark. He worked for almost 5 years to create GfxEditor. He even left his job to work full time on GfxEditor. This just shows the commitment, dedication, and most importantly, confidence that Mario has on this great product.

GfxEditor has basically 2 main aspects:

1) Online Image Editor

GfxEditor is a really advanced online Image Editor. I spent quite some time exploring various features, and I will admit that GfxEditor is unlike anything I have seen before. To start you, you will be surprised to see just the sheer number of features that GfxEditor provides.

Here are some of the features that this advanced Online Image Editor provides:

[these are taken from GfxEditor’s Home Page]:

  • Image objects: Paint on layers, import Photoshop brush sets, clone painting, paint bucket fills with effects, paint with effects and blend modes. Rotate layers in 2d/3d, bend, distort and scale layers.
  • Vector drawing objects: Create amazing looking drawings very easy, in 2d and 3d.
  • Text objects: Over 900 fonts built in.
  • Vector clip art (dingbats) objects: Built-in hundreds of them.
  • Effect objects: Possible to use the same effect on multiple of the above mentioned objects.
  • It’s possible to insert above mentioned graphical objects inside one another.
  • The most advanced Marquee selection tool ever made. Possible to rotate in 2d/3d, distort, scale, bend and add effects to marquee selections extractions in real time.
  • On the press of a button, display your design (canvas) on merchandise.
  • Page layout: All objects can be resized, changed, moved, and they are all dynamic, changing a slider cause the result to change immediately, in real time, everything can be modified just like a DTP program can do.
  • It’s all online but still very fast loading. Sometimes, the saving can be slow when working with large images, but with time and advancement in network speed, this issue will minimize.

2) Online DTP Application

The main reason GfxEditor was created was to provide advanced DTP capabilities. In fact, all the image editing features mentioned above actually support the end goal of being a full fledged online DTP application.

Using GfxEditor, you can create your own designs and images easily. Then, on the push of a button, you can choose to get that design printed on merchandise of your choice. There are literally hundreds of products from which you can choose from. Clothes, accessories, stationery, mugs, just to name a few.

It is incredibly simple to get your design printed on the merchandise. GfxEditor provides you the option of printing merchandise right from within GfxEditor. You can see how will the merchandise look with your design, before your order the print. Once you are satisfied with the looks, you can order that with just a few clicks. It really can’t get easier than that.

Here is a small video tutorial that explains how to put your images on shoes:

Of course, you can also buy ready made t-shirts, shoes and other merchandise from their Gallery page.

Mersica Inc., the company behind the product, is working around the clock improving the usability of the Editor based on the feedback from its users. User questions are answered soon after they are posted in the Forum. Users can also ask questions that get answered in their weekly-released help video.

Overall, GfxEditor is a great online image editor and DTP software, that has been carefully thought of, and well executed.

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