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Manula is free website using which you can create free manuals online. In Manula, you have the option to create the manual, insert links and images in it, publish it, save it as PDF, and share it with anyone. The service is completely free for 1 manual and 20 topics, that is, you can create and publish 1 manual for free and keep the other manuals in drafts as topics. You cannot publish the topics/drafts.

Creating a Manual in Manula website is easy and the manual is created instantly. I have tested the Manula website for creating a test manual; you can see below to get an idea:

How To Create Online Manual In Manula:

  • In order to create A User Manual in Manula you have to sign up for the account. Link for the Manula is provided at the end.
  • After signing up, you will have the option to create a new manual. To create a new manual Click on Add Manual.
  • To add a new manual you have to provide the following details:
    • Name – Write here the name of the manual.
    • Version – the version of the manual
    • Language – Select the language for the manual. See below to get an idea.
  • After selecting the manual details, you have to add content to the manual. You can select formatting style of the text, add heading, and bullets and numbering to the text. Also, in the content of the manual you can add links, images, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and you can add dynamic variables. See below to get an idea of the options for creating the manual.
  • After adding the content of the online manual, you have to set the keyword, visibility, and URL. You can click on View to see how the online manual will look like. See the image below to get an idea.
  • After adding and previewing the content, just save the draft and then click Publish Draft.

Note that, you can also see the viewers hits on your online manual in neat chart form. It is an added feature so that you can easily track which topics are the most popular from online manuals.

Features of Manula Website:

  • Very Easy To create a Manual.
  • Text formatting – Add headings and make the text bold and italics.
  • Option to add images, videos and links.
  • Option to add Dynamic Variables.
  • Assign keyword – You can assign the keyword to the manual, so its easy for people to search for the manual.
  • Option to select visibility of the manual – The manual can be shared privately to specific people or it can be shared publicly.
  • Live view – You can view the preview in real time.
  • Option to save the manual as PDF file and update it.
  • Track view stats – Track viewers and hits on your manual.
  • Viewers can add comments to the manual.

You can also try Notefish. It is a free web based application that allows you to share and create notes database online.


The Manula website is a great service for publishing an online manual. The interface is really easy to understand. However, if you want to publish more than one manual then you have to subscribe for more manuals. Based on the features and neat work, you should try Manula website to publish your own manual.

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