Free Astrology Software With Vedic And Western Astrology: Maitreya

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This article talks about a Free Astrology Software With Vedic And Western AstrologyMaitreya. Most astrology software out there only support either Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology. If you search online, there are a very few software out there which support both of them. Maitreya is an astrology software that covers both, Vedic Astrology as well as Western Astrology.

Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology are two different type of astrology. The fundamental difference between these two is, choice of different Zodiac system. Vedic Astrology uses Sidereal Zodiac, whereas Western Astrology uses Tropical Zodiac. Tropical Zodiac defines the signs based on the seasonal movement of the Sun. And, Sidereal Zodiac defines the signs based on the physical position of the constellations.

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Maitreya: Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology Software

Maitreya has various different tools for astrological calculations. It has lots of configuration options, Classic Dasas view, Classic Yogas, Partner charts, annual Solar charts, and much more.

Free Astrology Software With Vedic And Western Astrology: Maitreya

Before you start using this software for your intended purpose, set the following basic configurations:

Go to Extras -> Configuration

  • Select default view style: Vedic or Western.
  • Configure your default location under Standard Location.

When you open Maitreya, it opens an additional window with the main window. This additional window contains the planetary positions in tabular form. Right-click on this window and select Edit Horoscope Data. Here, you can enter the birth data of a person to perform various astrological calculations and predictions.

Features of Maitreya:

Vedic Astrology

In this software, you can perform following Vedic Astrological tasks:

  • Vargas
    To view the combined information about the Vargas of a radix horoscope.

vedic astrology

  • Sarvatobhadra
    To view the Sarvatobhadra chart. Its a Nakshatra based prediction technique.
  • Dasa Tree
    To view the Dasa trees such as Nakshatra Dasa, Chalachakra Dasa, and many more. Its an astrological tool for event timings.
  • Graphical Dasa
    To view the graphical representation of Dasa Trees.
  • Yoga
    To view the Yoga based on various groups and sources.

sidereal zodiac

  • Ashtakavarga
    To view the Ashtakavarga details that includes Rekha, Trikona Shodana, Rasi Diagram, and more.
  • Shadbala
    To view the Shadbala details, which is used for calculating planetary strength.

Western Astrology

Maitreya has following features for Western Astrology:

  • Western Chart
    To view the birth chart that shows a circular graphical representation of planets and signs.

western astrology

  • Uranium
    View of Uranian astrology giving an insight to the radix horoscope.


There are a few extra features this Astrology Software offers that are used in Vedic as well as Western Astrology; these features are:

  • Ephemeris
    To view the basic information about Ephemeris calculation, such as Sunrise timing and position.
  • Ecplise
    To view the Lunar and Solar eclipses for a given time span.
  • Hora
    To view the astrological hour details.

astrology software

  • Partner
    This view depends upon two charts. It is used to compare/match two persons’ astrological charts.

Download Maitreya from here.

Final Verdict

Maitreya is one of the few astrology software out there which supports both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. You can easily view your Birth Chart, Varga, and Yoga using this software. Various astrological calculations of both astrology can easily perform in Maitreya.

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