Free AI Chatbot for Website with Leads Collection, Payments Collection

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ArtiBot is a free AI chatbot for website with leads collection, payments collection. This is like any other chat bot but with some advanced and amazing features. Here this chatbot comes with some pre built templates for some common businesses. You just select the bot and deploy it on any website. It lets you customize the conversation flow and you can add your own blocks in the conversation easily. There are two unique features in this bot that it lets you host your bot on a subdomain that it creates and it allows code execution on server-side.

Chatbots are useful for your websites to engage your visitors. They are useful for capturing information in case you are not available. With the help of chatbot, you can collect user’s email address, book appointments, take orders, throw answers to general questions, and receive payments. So many chatbots out there do not collect payments but ArtiBot does that painlessly. It comes with Stripe integration and you can easily process a payment by receiving credit/debit card details from a user.

In ArtiBot, you will find a simple interface where you can create a chatbot and publish that. You can either deploy chatbot on your site by adding a simple JS code. Or, you can host your bot at the URL that it gives. This chatbot can collect leads such as user name, email address, phone number, etc., and you can download all the leads in CSV. Also, you can opt to send the collected leads to Zapier as well. The chatbot is fully customizable and you can easily start from a blank conversation or edit a pre-ready template.

Free AI Chatbot for Website with Leads Collection, Payments Collection

Using this Free AI Chatbot for Website with Leads Collection, Payments Collection:

If you have ever used some chatbots before then it will be so much easy for you to get started with this. Previously we have covered some Facebook chatbot maker and simple website chatbot makers. This chatbot is kind of same but is actually easier to handle. You only need technical knowledge if you want to play with API and custom code execution.

Create a free account on the main homepage of ArtiBot. After that, you can simply start creating your bot. The UI if the website is very clean and you just click on “Add ArtiBot” bitten from the top right side to create your first bot. It will give you a list of templates that you can use for your bot.

ArtiBot UI and choose templates

Next thing you have to do is build the conversation. If you select a template then it will automatically build default conversation for you the bot. If you want then you can modify that. You can add new blocks and then add so many options in the chat window. You can also customize colors and various other parameters. For this, you have to use Settings and Conversation tabs. Options for receiving payments and adding scheduler given there as you can see in the screenshot below.

ArtiBot conversation builder

After you are done, you simply hit the “Publish” button. It will deploy your bot and will give you a code that you have to add-on your website. Or, you can get a link to the hosted version of your bot in case you don’t have a website. You can give custom URL to your hosted bot but it will be hosted on one of the subdomains of the ArtiBot. You can configure the hosting options using the “Hosted” tab.

ArtiBot bot published

When you have added the bot on your website, your users can start interacting with. In the conversation, your bot will collect leads and they will appear in the dashboard. If you want then you can export those leads in CSV format. Or, it supports Zapier like integration to directly send collected leads there. You can see all the collected leads in tabular format on web interface as well.

Artibot on website and leads

This is all you need to know about this chatbot creator for website. With minimum effort, you can get your bot up and running. You just have to define or edit the conversation flow so that bot can handle user queries. With this, you can easily create an intelligent bot for your websites that can sell products, book orders, and schedule appointments very easily. You just go and sign up for a free account on the website and create and deploy unlimited chatbots. However, in the free plan 3 users are supported. Also, there is a branding included in the free plan.

Closing thoughts

To be honest, ArtiBot is one of the best chatbots I have ever used for websites. No matter what your brand or products is, you can create chatbot for that which will resolve user queries, book orders, appointments, and even sell it. You can easily design the chatbot and design the conversation flow. Also because of the templates, you won’t have to do anything extra. But you will have to add your Stripe account in it in order to receive payments from users.

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