Forgotify: Listen To Spotify Songs That Have Never Been Heard

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Forgotify is a free website to listen to those songs on Spotify that have never been played earlier. When you go to the website, it will randomly play any of those unheard songs. You will need to login with your Spotify id to listen to songs. Also, this website does not bypasses country restriction of Spotify, so you won’t be able to use this in a country in which Spotify (unless you are using an unblocker like Hola).

As per this website, there are over 4 million songs on Spotify that have not been played even once. That’s definitely a huge number; over 20% of entire collection on Spotify. They could be very old songs, or songs from unknown yet good artists, or just some songs that got neglected. This website tries to get attention to those neglected songs.


I really like the purpose of this website. When I tried to listen to Spotify songs using this website, I came across many songs that I really liked and was quite surprised that those songs have never been heard before. Just seems like bad luck for those artists. And thanks to this website, they now get another shot at getting some attention.

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How to Listen To Spotify Songs That Have Never Been Played Before:

Using this website is extremely easy. When you go to home page of this website, you will see a big button in center titled “Start Listening”. Just click on it to start listening to Spotify songs. You will be asked to login to your Spotify account. After that, it will show you a random song that has never been played before, and you can listen to that.

Forgotify Songs

Once you have listened to that song, you can click on “Next” button to listen to another unheard song.

Pretty easy, isn’t it.

My Opinion About Forgotify:

I just loved the concept of Forgotify. The songs that I heard were quite nice that I had never heard before. Listening to all those songs was like a breath of fresh air. Apart from being good for music listeners like me, the real winners are those artists who get the much needed attention. If you come across a song that you like, you would be tempted to share it with your friends as well, and some artist might quickly rise to fame.

This website is completely free and darn easy to use. If you like discovering new songs, or even if you just like to stream music online, I highly encourage you to try out this website. You might uncover some hidden gems.

Try Forgotify here.

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