Create Interactive List Online on This Free Community Based Platform

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In this article, you will read about how to create interactive list online on this free community-based platform. Listshare is a free website that helps you to make a list with text and checklists. The list you create on this website generates a unique link that you can share with others.

When you create your list, you can add the title and the description of the topic. You can also prepare a text content separately. After creating your list, you will find the shareable link below generated by listshare. Once the receiver gets the list though link, they can react to it by liking the list. Also once they read the list, they can mark it as read. Besides that, you can view how many people have checked the list. The site also lets you check a number of likes and viewers.

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create and share interactive list

Create Interactive List Online on This Free Community Based Platform

To create interactive list online, visit the website called Listshare. It is a free community-based platform where people can create and share an interactive list online with text and checklists.

Firstly when you visit the website, signup using your Google accounts. Though without sign up, you will still be able to create a list.

When you’re signed in, you will see options to create checklists. Below that, there are other options to add a new Text or Checklists.

make a list with text and checklist

You can click on the option as per your requirements. If you want to create a long text, click on the Text and start writing details or any information you want to share with the world.

If you want to make checklists, you can add items with the main title and the description. You can also change the checklist to the bullet points. Once you’re done with the checklist and text field, you can give this list a name along with the description.

give your list a name and description

On the top, you will see the option to replace the text with the relevant title. Here, you can add the list title and the description of the list.

At the bottom, you will notice the unique URL generated by the site. You can click on the link in order to copy it. Then, you can send the link with people.

share the link generated by listshare

When the receiver receives the link, it shows all the published lists to them. You can share the link for an individual list as well. A receiver can mark the list as read just by clicking on the topic as I have shown in the very first image. It also shows how many have checked it, number of viewers and likes on a specific list.

In brief

Listshare is a good website to create and share an interactive list. It is a simple tool that you can use every day to make lists. Listshare does not require any registration. You can check out other’s lists as well if shared. Also, you can use a search filter to find a list with custom text.

Visit Listshare website here.

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