World Time App for iPhone: Know Time of Multiple Countries Together

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World Time is a free iPhone app that shows time for multiple countries and cities on iPhone. This iPhone world time app lets you see the time of any country and city from almost all parts of the world.

This is a perfect time to know time of multiple locations in case you are trying to setup a meeting involving participants from various countries. You can add all those countries in the app, and see what will be time in those countries at time of the meeting. This saves you the hassle of separately checking time of each country / city.

World Time

The app provides you a nice and simple user interface to add time zone of different countries. Along with the current time of different countries, the app shows time of other countries according to the time selected in home country. For e.g., if I have selected the time as 10 PM in India, then the app will automatically show the time in corresponding countries and cities which you have selected and added in the list.

This iPhone world time app makes it easy for you to schedule your meetings, conference calls, and the like. If you use the free version of the app, you can easily know the timing of different countries according to the timing of home country. If you have paid version, you can also directly schedule meetings from within the app.

For e.g, if you want to schedule or plan a meeting with the members in different countries and cities, make a note of timings of different countries according to the timing in your home country. Now, start planning the meeting or any official or personal work according to the time data of different countries in front of you.

One of the bad part of the app which I found was the way of time tracking of different countries based on the home country. The app shows the time of different countries taking the current time of home country, or 1 hour increments of time of home country. For e.g., if you want to check the time of other countries when time in your home country will be 10:30, in that case you cannot do the same. You can check the time either at 10 or time after 1 hour that is at 11. The app gives you 1 hour time gap difference.

How To Use iPhone World Time App?

iPhone World Time app is easy to use app on iPhone. Launch the app and then search for countries and cities for which you want to track the time. Now add the countries in the list. Double tap on any country to make it as home country. If you want to browse the future timings of other countries, then tap on plus and minus button placed below in the app. You cannot schedule the meetings or calls in the app, as the feature is available in the pro version of the app (as I already mentioned above). To refresh the timings or want to see the current timings, just slide down the whole list of countries and you will see the updated time. To delete a country slide to the right on any country and you will see the red colored delete button.

Features Of World Time App:

Add as many countries:  The app allows as many countries and cities you want and then browse the time all together of all the countries.

Browse the updated or current time:  The iPhone app allows you to check the current or updated time of different countries added in the app.

Select home country: Double tap and select any country as home country to browse the timings accordingly.

Check future timings: You can easily check the timing of other countries according to the time in your home country. Just select the time in your home country and the app will display the timings of other countries according to it.

Refresh Time: Slide down and refresh the current timing of the home country and other countries.

Simple to use: The app provides intuitive interface which is easy to use on iPhone.

Supported devices: The app supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Suggestion of country search: The app search bar is truly intelligent as it gives you country and city suggestions when you start entering the country name to app.

World Time search

Install World Time App:

Click here to download and install World Time app from Apple App Store. You can even scan the QR Code below to get the direct download link of the app.

World Time QR Code

World Time makes it easy for you to know the current and future timings of any country or state. Now you can easily schedule a timely meetings, conference call, other official work, and your personal work by having the updated time.

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Works With: iOS 4.1 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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