5 Websites to Check Username Availability

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Here is a list of 5 websites to check username availability. All of these websites are completely free to use and let you check availability of any username across a number of social networks with just one click. They run the checking process not only for topmost social networks but also for smaller, rising, and regional social networks. Some of the websites also show the domain names available for the username entered by you.

All these websites differ in the number of social networks that they scan for checking the username availability. So let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. NameChk:


The first website included in the list is NameChk. It lets you check username availability across 157 websites with just one click. All the websites are arranged in random order, but you can choose to sort them by name. There is also an option to check whether you want to search the availability on all 157 websites or only across popular ones. You have to enter the username you want to check in the search box and hit the Chk button.

On search completion, the website marks the available usernames with a Green tick mark and those not available have a Red cross mark. You can then click on any website to go to its corresponding web page. The website has an option called Export which selects all the results and lets you copy it to the clipboard. After it, you can paste the text wherever you want and keep it safe with you. Apart from this, the website also displays a few available domain names for the username searched by you.

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2. KnowEm:


Second web site for you in the list is KnowEm. This website scans for the availability of usernames on 500+ websites and 150+ domain names. The website count also includes new and emerging ones. You simply have to enter the username in the search box and click on Check It button. KnowEm displays the search results for Most Popular websites by default but you can choose to see it for particular website categories like blogging, social networks, domains, trademarks, bookmarking, business, community, design, etc. You can also hover the mouse cursor over any website name to know more about it.

It even lets you register for a free account using which you can easily manage the websites where you have registered your username and those where it’s available, but you don’t have it yet.

3. NameChecklist:


NameChecklist is the third website in the list to check username availability. This web site looks for the username availability on only 12 websites. It marks Green tick mark on websites which have the username available and Red cross on which don’t have it available. You can then click on the website name to open it and register it. Besides the username availability, it also shows domain name availability and search engine & media availability.

4. NameCheckr:


The other website to check for the available username is NameCheckr. It has the most visually appealing user interface as compared to all other websites in the list. It looks for the availability of username across 36 popular websites and 13 domains. Enter the name in the provided search box and hit the Search button. NameCheckr represents all the websites with their corresponding logos instead of their name.

On searching, it assigns a Green icon to those websites which have the username available while Red icons to those which don’t have it available. It also assigns Gray icon to some websites which means that the username entered by you is not matching the username selection criteria of those websites.

5. ClaimBrand:


The final website in the list is ClaimBrand. This website lets you check username availability on 1000+ websites. When you have entered the username to look for, the ClaimBrand displays some websites with Claim button. These are those websites which have username, entered by you, available. You can click on the button to go directly to the website to claim it.

These were the 5 websites which you can use to check the username availability. Check them out to see which username is available for you across all the popular websites including the domains.

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