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Let us get to know about some of the best Vital Capacity Calculator websites out there. The tools on these website let you calculate vital capacity of lungs of a person based on age, gender, and height. Vital Capacity is the maximum amount of air a person can exhale after breathing in maximum amount of air.

These calculators are pretty easy to use. You just need to enter the age, gender, and height of a person. After that, you will be able to see the predicted vital capacity of the person. There are options for you to enter the height of the person in different units, such as feet, inches, and centimeters. The calculated vital capacity is also shown in different units, such as liters and mL.

Let us checkout these tools in a detailed manner, and see how they are different from each other.

You can also checkout these free Lung Capacity Cleaner websites that let you calculate Total Lung Capacity based on  Inspiratory reserve volume, Tidal volume, Expiratory reserve volume, and Residual volume of lung.

Here Are The Best Vital Capacity Calculator Websites:

MDApp: Normal Vital Capacity Calculator

Normal Vital Capacity Calculator from MDApp lets you calculate normal vital capacity in Engish and Metric measurement systems. Select the gender, enter age, then enter height of the person. Hit Calculate after entering the values. The Normal Vital Capacity will be calculated and displayed right below in a box in Liters.

You can share the result with others on social media, take a printout, or get an Embed code for the result.

Acess this tool from MDApp here.

MediCalc: Forced Vital Capacity

Unlike the above mentioned tool, this Vital Capacity Calculator from MediCalc lets you calculate Forced Vital Capacity. Again, you just need to enter the person’s age, gender, and height. You can enter height in inches or centimeters. In the output, you can see the predicted Forced Vital Capacity in Liters or mL.

You can print the output result by entering Provider’s and Patient’s name. The names will be printed along with the report.

Access this tool from MediCalc here.

Keisan Online Calculator

This Vital Capacity Calculator from Keisan Online Calculator is another good tool to calculate normal vital capacity online. Here, you can choose unit standard as SI or for USA. Enter age, enter height, select gender, and click Execute button.

Your result will be displayed right below in mL. There is no option to save or print the output.

Access this tool here.

TheCalculator: Normal Vital Capacity Calculator

This Normal Vital Capacity Calculator from TheCalculator lets you calculate NVC in English or Metric unit systems. Select the unit system, enter gender, age, and height of the person. Click on the calculate button to view output. You will be able to see the Vital Capacity in liters.

Again, there is no option to share or print the output result in any way on this website.

You can access this calculator here.

Closing Words

Although these website carry out the same function, there are some basic differences based on unit system and result sharing. I hope this list helped you select a tool that was helpful for you.

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