5 Best Online Lung Capacity Calculator Websites

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Let us checkout some of the best Lung Capacity Calculator Websites out there. The tools on these websites let you calculate respiratory capacity of lung. The calculation is based on Inspiratory reserve volume, Tidal volume, Expiratory reserve volume, and Residual volume of lung. All you need to do is enter these values in appropriate fields, then process the calculation. For given values, the following lung capacities are calculated and displayed as result:

  • Vital Capacity
  • Inspiratory Capacity
  • Functional Residual Capacity
  • Total Lung Capacity

These tools are nearly the same in terms of functionality and the output they provide.

In the following article, I will introduce you to these tools and tell you how they differ from each other, if they do.

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Here Are The Best Lung Capacity Calculator Websites:

MDApp: Lung Capacity Calculator

Lung Capacity Calculator from MDApp lets you calculate lung capacity easily. All you got to do is enter values of IRV, TV, ERV, and RV in liters. After entering values, click on the Calculate button. You will be able to see the values of VC, IC, FRC, and TLC. Along with the calculated values, you will also get to view the average values of VC, IC, FRC, and TLC for men and women.

You can share the result on social media, take a print out of it, or even get an embed code for the same.

Checkout thislung capacity calculator here.

Note: All the calculators mentioned in this list require same input and provide same output. So down from here, I will focus more on the difference between these tools, instead of wasting my words on repetitive information.

MediCalc: Total Lung Capacity

Total Lung Capacity from MediCalc lets you enter the input values of respective lung volumes in Liter and mL. After you carry out the calculation, only the Total Lung Capacity is displayed. It also displays if the result is normal or abnormal.

You get the option to print the report with custom Provider and Patient name. You get color and black and white choice for print out.

Checkout this lung capacity calculator here.

ENDMEMO: Lung Capacity Calculator

Lung Capacity Calculator from ENDMEMO is a simple web application to calculate lung capacity. It is different from the above mentioned tools as it lets you enter values in different units. You can choose from Liter, mL, meter^3, yard^3, foot^3, and inch^3. After entering input values, you get the output for TLC, VC, FRC, and IC.

You can just view the output values and note them down if you want to. There is no option to save, share, or print the result.

Checkout this tool from ENDMEMO here.

The Calculator: Lung Capacity Calculator

Lung Capacity Calculator from The Calculator is almost exactly the same as the calculator from MDApp. It provides output for all TLC, VC, IC, and FRC based on the input lung capacities. It only accepts input and provides output in liters.

As you scroll down, you will see the average lung capacities for men and women.

This again has no option to save, share, or print the output.

Check it out here.

Lung Volume Equations Formulas Calculator

Lung Volume Equations Formulas Calculator is the best tool if you want to find out the Total Lung Capacity in different units. Begin by entering the values of IRV, TV, ERV, and RV. There is a long list of units in which you can enter the input volumes.

When you calculate, TLC is displayed in liter. You can scroll down to view the capacity in various other units.

You do not get any option to save, print, or share the report.

Checkout Lung Volume Equations Formulas Calculator here.

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