How To Delete Dead Bookmarks In Firefox

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This tutorial explains how to delete dead bookmarks in Firefox. You will be able to scan all the bookmarks stored in your Firefox browser, find dead bookmarks and delete them. So, the bookmarks whose URLs don’t exist anymore or not working (showing 404 error) are removed from your bookmarks list. As a result, you will be able to clean your bookmarks’ list and only the working or meaningful bookmarks remain in the list. For doing this, I have covered two free add-ons: Bookmarks Organizer and 404 Bookmarks. Both the add-ons are compatible with Firefox 57 and higher versions.

Removing dead bookmarks in Firefox using these add-ons is also simple. You just need to begin the scan for your bookmarks, which is pretty easy, and then the list of dead bookmarks will be in front of you. From that list, you can delete any bookmark you want. A few other important features are also present in these dead bookmark delete add-ons. For example, you can delete dead bookmarks in batch, check and remove duplicate bookmarks, and missing bookmark names.

Let’s check the first free Firefox add-on to delete dead bookmarks.

1. Remove Dead Bookmarks In Firefox Using Bookmarks Organizer

Bookmarks Organizer is a very good Firefox add-on to check and remove dead bookmarks. Apart from that, it also helps to find and remove duplicate bookmarks, and find bookmarks with missing names.

Using this add-on is very simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install the add-on and you will see its icon on the top right side of Firefox browser. You need to click on that icon.

click add-on icon

Step 2: A new tab will open where this add-on will automatically calculate the total bookmarks stored in your Firefox browser. Now you need to select “broken bookmarks” option using the drop-down menu available on the bottom left side. After that, click on Check bookmarks.. button.

find broken bookmarks and delete them

The add-on will automatically scan all the bookmarks and show the list of broken or dead bookmarks. The whole process may take some time depending on the total number of bookmarks.

Step 3: When the process is complete, you can see the list of dead bookmarks (including their parent folders), the title of bookmarks, and URLs. Hovering the mouse cursor on a particular bookmark will show two options: edit the bookmark name and title and delete the bookmark. See the screenshot added above.

Use any option as per your wish and proceed. This way, you can delete the dead bookmarks in Firefox using this add-on.

In a similar way, you can find and remove duplicate bookmarks in Firefox and bookmarks with missing names.

2. Delete Dead Bookmarks In Firefox Browser Using 404 Bookmarks

Above add-on is handy to delete dead bookmarks in Firefox one by one. If you want to delete multiple dead bookmarks at once, then you should try “404 Bookmarks” add-on. This add-on is also pretty simple. Follow these steps:

Step 1: After installing this add-on, its icon will visible in the top-right corner of Firefox. You need to click that option.

click the add-on icon

Step 2: After clicking that icon, a new tab will open where it will automatically scan all your bookmarks and then the list of dead, broken, or expired bookmarks will visible. Now you can select all bookmarks or some bookmarks of your choice. After that, tap on the Remove bookmarks button.

select expired bookmarks and remove them

That’s it! This way it helps to remove expired bookmarks from Firefox browser.

Apart from deleting dead bookmarks, the add-on also shows the total number of unexpired bookmarks available in your bookmarks manager of Firefox.

If you are looking for bookmark sorter Firefox add-ons, then you may check this list.

The Conclusion:

It is good to delete dead bookmarks from your Firefox browser time to time. But, the challenge is we don’t know which bookmark is dead until we open bookmarks manually. Therefore, these free Firefox add-ons are handy. Both the add-ons are extremely easy to use and finding and removing the dead bookmarks is just a matter of few mouse clicks. Try these add-ons. If you know some other free dead bookmark removed Firefox add-on(s), then you may share it with me using the Comments section.

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