5 Free Photo Sharing Apps For iPad

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With the increasing demand of iPhones and iPads, more and more people are ditching their compact cameras in favor of using cameras of their iPhones and iPads. Hence, photo sharing apps on iPhone and iPad have become extremely substantial. Although there are large number of Photo sharing apps available at the App Store, however, searching for the best one is a bit long-task. Below given are 5 free Photo Sharing Apps for iPad that allows all of your friends, family, and followers to check out your latest shots. The advantage of installing any of these iPad Photo Sharing apps is that you can enjoy all these at ZERO COST!!


With CloudAlbums, a free iPad photo-sharing app, you can create photo albums and sync them with all your related Gadgets, thereby sharing them with friends & family. All this through Dropbox cloud services. In addition, the app also allows you to share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter. In case you do not want to share an album or some photos anymore, just delete them. This will automatically delete them from your friends albums as well.


In addition, the app also allows you to share your pictures with Facebook and Twitter friends simultaneously or send through email, however, the link sent through an email will allow the receiver to view photos with a simple browser. You can also build an album through MAC or PC or by importing from Facebook albums.

Some Key Advantages that CloudAlbums app for iPad offers:

  • Create your albums uploading pics from your iPad. You can create as many albums as you want.
  • Share albums with those friends who have already installed CloudAlbums. The app will send them a notification whenever you upload a new photo.
  • Upload your pics just once, share them as many times as you want without having to upload them again.

In order to get started with this iPad app, you need to install the app from the App Store. Once installed, get started.

In short, CloudAlbums is an excellent Photo-Sharing App for iPad that enables you to create unlimited albums and share them with anyone. Go ahead and install iPad Photo-sharing app free!!

You can also check out other iPad apps for presentation, note taking apps or just learn how to take a screenshot on iPad.

iPicasa Lite iPad version

iPicasa Lite iPad Version is another nice Photo-Sharing app available at the App Store. This photo-sharing app for iPad allows you to sync photos with iPad library using WiFi connection. In addition, this iPad photo sharing app also lets you view online Picasa album directly from locally synced ones. iPicasa is incorporated with Picasa web album. With iPicasa, you can download all the albums available over your Picasa account when you are connected to a Wi-Fi. This indeed makes you enjoy all your photos even without Internet connection.


 Some Key Features that this Photo-Sharing iPad app comes up with:

  • iPhone or iPad Universal App
  • Slideshow along with zoom like features
  • Take photos to a different album, download to iPad local library, create albums, delete photos, and more.
  • Support multiple user accounts
  • Search photos easily
  • In order to refresh, just swipe down or pull down
  • Customize font size, brightness, background according to your own liking

In short, iPicasa Lite is a nice photo sharing iPad app that lets you sync your photos wirelessly with your albums. Go ahead and install this photo-sharing app for iPad.

Shutterfly for iPad

Shutterfly for iPad is yet another photo sharing app for iPad available for free at the App Store. This amazing photo sharing app for iPad allows you to upload, view and share your favorite pictures, wherever you are. In addition, you can view your online Shutterfly pictures in a marvelous full-screen slide show. However, if you are using this photo-sharing iPad app for the very first time, you will be required to create an account within the app.


The app stores all your photos at full resolution, also lets you store unlimited photos. Once you have uploaded favorite iPad images, you can now share them with your family and friends directly through Shutterfly for iPad app.

Some Key features that this free photo-sharing app offers:

  • View all Shutterfly albums & photos directly from iPad. You can also save all favorite ones to your iPad library.
  • The app lets you view Shutterfly photos in an attractive full-screen mode.
  • Send Shutterfly photos to family and friends through an email.

In short, Shutterfly for iPad is an excellent photo sharing app for iPad, wherein you can upload, view and share your photos quickly with your loved ones. Go ahead and install this free photo-sharing app!!

MobileMe Gallery

One more excellent substitute to any paid version of Photo-Sharing app for iPad, MobileMe Gallery. This free photo-sharing app for iPad lets you browse your most recent photos or select a specific album with just a single tap.


However, you need to enter your MobileMe name and password to view your albums and videos. You just need to view photos, MobileMe Gallery app will automatically stores photos that have been seen by your. The best part is that you can even enjoy viewing those stored photos anytime, anywhere without having an Internet connection.

In order to view a friend’s photos, select his or her name from your friends list or just submit his or her respective MobileMe member name. This will instantly bring you his/her publicly shared photos too.

MobileMe Gallery comes up with various attractive features.

Some Key features that this Photo-Sharing App for iPad comes up with:

  • View your photo gallery
  • View hidden albums and albums that have been password protected
  • Swipe through photos to explore more
  • Use Zoom feature to view in detail
  • View friends’ photo gallery and videos
  • View automatically stored photos while offline

You just need to install it in order to get started with this free iPad photo-sharing app.

In short, MobileMe is a nice app for iPad for managing your photos and sharing them with others in no time. Take your MobileMe gallery everywhere with a beautiful viewing experience on your iPad. Go ahead and install this photo-sharing app for iPad for free!!

Photo Party Upload

Leaving my short print with this last but not the least Photo Party Upload app for iPad which is a good iPad based resolution for marketing industry, basically for event photographers. However, this iPad app is a bit different from other Photo-sharing apps in the sense that this free Photo Party Upload lets photographers to transfer photos from camera to iPad, while having a wireless connection. This allows guests to instantly upload their photos from the iPad to social networking websites such as  Facebook, Twitter, or through email. 


In short, Photo Party Upload is an excellent camerasync app available at the App Store for free. This app for iPad is basically for event photographers and for others as well. You can quickly sync your camera with your iPad and post directly to your Twitter or Facebook wall. Install this camera-sync app for iPad free!!

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