3 Free HL7 Viewer Software for Windows

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Here are 3 free HL7 viewer software for Windows. These software help you view the content stored behind the HL7 (Health Level-7 standards) message format file. So, decoding a HL7 message to view the information is very easy using these software. You can see segments, fields, field description, components, sub-components, and messages stored in a particular HL7 message file.

Some of these free HL7 viewer software also let you edit HL7 file and save it with all the editing done by you. A few unique features are also present in these software. For example, you can save the HL7 file as text file, add child to a particular segment, add a new message, find and replace a particular text, collapse/expand tree view mode, etc.

Let’s check these free HL7 viewer software added to this list.

HL7 Message Viewer

HL7 Message Viewer- interface

HL7 Message Viewer (Homepage), the name of this software itself gives a strong hint what this software is about. Apart from viewing a HL7 message, it also lets you edit HL7 file content and save it. After adding an HL7 file on its interface, it shows the total number of messages available in that file in tree view mode. You can expand each message and see the details.

It also lets you add a new message, add child to a message, edit a field, etc. One of its best features is it lets you save a separate message as text file, save all messages as a single text file, and save all messages as separate text files.

Other features like append another HL7 file to the input file, search and replace items, show/hide name fields, field definition, etc., make it a very useful HL7 viewer software.


QuickViewHL7- interface

QuickViewHL7 is one of the best HL7 message viewer software. The unique feature of this software is you can add multiple HL7 files on its interface and then select any file to view the content stored in it. You can see the tree structure of segments of the selected file. Expanding a particular segment will show you the field name, segment name, specifications, notes (if any), and other information.

This software also helps to view the file type (v2.3, v2.5, etc.), sender and recipient name for each HL7 file. This is another important feature not present in many other HL7 viewers. Apart from viewing the HL7 file, you can use find and replace feature, edit segment name, replace a segment as new segment, etc. After that, you can save it as a separate HL7 file. So, this also helps to edit HL7 file a bit.

SmartHL7 Message Viewer

SmartHL7 Message Viewer- interface

SmartHL7 Message Viewer (Homepage) is also a good competitor to rest of the HL7 viewer software covered on this list. It also lets you add multiple HL7 message files and the encoded text of those files is visible on the upper part of its interface. It is a unique feature of this software as other software don’t show encoded text.

After adding HL7 files, you just need to click on the encoded text and then it will show the information stored in that text. The names of all segments are visible on the left side of its interface. Clicking on a particular segment name will show field name, field number, component number, component name, sub-component name, etc. So, all the important information related to HL7 message file is visible and therefore it is a handy HL7 viewer software.

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The Conclusion:

Here I end up this list which covers some good free HL7 viewer software for Windows. I find the first software better than others because of its user-friendly interface and the features. It lets you view HL7 files, edit them, save messages as separate text files, and more.

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